What to do now?

Hello again WordPress.  Wow.  I’ve been happily blogging at JournalScape for lo these many years since I was last here, and now the owner (host) of that site is giving it all up and has informed all of us JournalScapers that we need to “export” our blogs somewhere else… or else!

This is very distressing to me as I’m only marginally literate in all things internet.  I have tried to do this task once this morning, exporting the file over here, where I already had an old blog, but it did not work.  They gave you a list of “hosts” that you’d be exporting from and none of them was mine (journalscape).  Figures.  So I was stuck at that point, not knowing how to proceed to the export phase.

Does anyone reading this know what I should/could do to make this as simple as possible?

Oh woe is me!

If I ever solve it, I’ll let you know.


A Real Find

Sometimes you find a web site that excites all the little hairs on your body, all over, oooh-aaaah! Yes. I found such a site just now, on this Sunday morning in September – so I’m sharing it with you.

A Sense of Place – Friday Walks in the Wirral

Click around in this site, meet Ronnie and Sarah, and enjoy.



My “Other” Home and bits about waste systems

Wow. I’ve written more entries this month than in a long time (at my other blog).

I’ve started doing something with my “other” blog here at WordPress. I had a nice blog going here but WP made so many changes all the time to their editor, I got too confused and finally changed over to JournalScape which was quite easy to use. Granted, there aren’t so many bells & whistles as there are at WordPress, but sometimes easier is better.

Well, my ex-husband, Bill has an online site called MARBLEHEAD MAGAZINE. He used to publish a “real” magazine with the same name, but then the World Wide Web took over and he went on-line with it. Here are 3 of the issues but there were many, many more issues printed.

Bill has had this going for many, many years now, and he recently started using WordPress to host the current version.

Not long ago, when I told him I was retiring from my work as a medical transcriptionist, he asked me if I wanted to do some editing for him with the Magazine. I said I would try it out, and he set me up to be able to do that. (Now don’t go looking for mistakes because I only started doing this a few months ago, and I am not on a time schedule so sometimes articles will get written and I won’t know about them until I think of it, but then I will go in and edit any typographical or grammatical mistakes I find. I don’t change the essence of the article at all.

Anyway, when this all started to happen, and I was in using WordPress at his site, I thought I’d see if my “old” blog was still usable and functioning and it was. So I did a couple of entries there, however, I have no mailing list there so no one was apparently reading it.

Or maybe they were but just not commenting. I also have another site at WordPress called FROM THE HAWTHORNE TREE which I started a while ago. This site was going to be mainly about my cousin, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and various aspects of how he relates to me now. I never really got much going in that site. I did a few entries there, and you can always find it on the left-hand list of links here on this page if you wish. Someday I hope to do more. I have some ideas.

So I guess the gist of this particular entry is just to tell you that I have other blogs if you care to read them, although the one at Crow Cottage, Actually, may just be a mirror blog to this one in the future. There are quite a few years’ worth of entries there, though, and some are quite interesting if you have the time to go back through the Archives.

So that’s about it for the moment. I’ve just had to order some septic tank cleaner online because the pail of it that we had has just run out. Wow. I must have bought that pail of stuff 5 years ago. We put it down the drains once a month and it’s suppose to keep the septic system running smoothly. There isn’t a sewer line going up our street. There is one on the street coming up to our street but in order for us to get connected to that line, we would have to dig up from way out back in the dogs’ yard, up the back yard, down the whole driveway, and out into the street and down the hill. I can’t even imagine the cost of that but it’s not going to happen. The problem is that if we ever wanted to sell this house, it would have to be done by somebody, either the seller or the buyer, and I’m sure it would prevent an easy sale. So we are staying…





Just Horsin’ Around (for Emily)

I’m trying something out here. I’m posting an entry from my other blog here because I’ve noticed that when I make comments in friends’ blogs, they are using WordPress, and my link brings readers here rather than to my other blog at Thoughts From Crow Cottage.

Not sure the html will work here like it does over there, but here goes:

This entry is for my friend, Emily.

Do you remember, Em, telling us recently about your walk and meeting up with the horses? I knew I had these two photos of me and the horse somewhere and I just found them. I pictured you (in place of me) nuzzling up to those beautiful long horse-noses, just like I was doing in these photos which were taken during my first honeymoon (married to 1st husband) back in the ancient year of 1970 out on a friend’s farm.

We’d only been married for a few days or a week at the time Bill took these photos of me and the horse(s).

This was taken on the day – note the “mini-wedding-dress” I was wearing, that certainly shocked a lot of people back then… not the least of whom was the Episcopalian priest who married us!

But hey, that was all the fashion – and I bought that “wedding dress” in a regular woman’s dress shop in Washington, D.C. thus saving thousands of dollars!

My First Wedding 1970
From left: Sandy (Maid of Honor), my Nana, new husband Bill, new wifey Me, and my sister Sarah

Em, I hope you get back to see the horses, maybe bring an apple or a carrot with you for a snack for them… they love those things!

That’s all for now. Just ‘horsin’ around’ I am…

Cheers to the Animals of the World!

We brought our cat, George Washington, from Maryland to Massachusetts to get married with us. What a great cat, was our George.


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

[Anatole France]

Back Home for another Visit

Back Home Again.

Sometimes it’s good to go back home again.  And by “back home,” in this case, I mean to your previous home.  Which, for me, was Word Press.  I liked my blog here, I liked the look of it, and I have a lot of words and memories here.  I occastionally go back and re-read my older blog entries which trigger  more memories I may have forgotten about.  That’s one of the things I love about blogging.

Recently I had the occasion to log in to my Word Press account again and so here I am.  On a Sunday morning as I am having my morning wake-up cuppa with my two dogs sitting on the sofa beside me, my husband happily working on his lobstering equipment in the basement, and the Sunday morning political shows on the TV, turned down real low.  Comfort stuff.

So I thought I’d made the effort and write a quick entry here just because I could.  I can.  This place is not as easy to use as my new blog home,(Thoughts From Crow Cottage).

I don’t even know if my HTLM there for that link will work in here.  This is one of the reasons I left Word Press in the first place.  It was too hard to develop a page, given my limited knowledge of HTML, and things kept changing so often that I couldn’t keep up.  I know I’m not the only one that happened to.  Others have left, as well.  But since I had good times here, and there are still loads of memories in my older entries, I don’t want to divorce myself from this place completely.  It was home for me for a number of years, and I will keep coming back as long as I am able.



Came back for a visit

It’s been over two years since I’ve been here at WordPress. I have a friend who seems to be having trouble accessing her site and I wanted to see if my old site here was accessible. Apparently, it is. Although I have a new blog now called Thoughts From Crow Cottage, where I update quasi-often, I find that I am able to use my old blog here at WordPress, as well. Which I may or may not do. Depending…

So that’s the scoop. As of today, which is the 13th day of November 2011, my current home on the web is at the link mentioned above.

Thanks for reading,

Bex & Co.