Looking for Mr. Good-blog…

I’m still trying to find my way.  No, I haven’t been doing this ALL day, though it almost seems like it.  I have actually gotten all my work typed today, and have the day “off” tomorrow – but in actuality, I plan to do my income tax returns tomorrow, so not really a “day off.” 

Anyway, I’ve just tried uploading a picture for here, but not sure if it will work. I do not understand the machinations here at wordpress yet.  The picture, if it appears to you, shows my family on our very first annual camping trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, taken in or around the mid 1950’s. 



6 thoughts on “Looking for Mr. Good-blog…

  1. I have to say, that the picture at the top is purely by chance. When I chose this template/layout, that picture came with it… I’m wondering if it may change daily…because the picture on the sample was different. I hope note, because I love that picture of the old books.


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