Marking an anniversary, again

Reese and Rebecca 1972

I can’t seem to get through a February 20th without mentioning, and remembering, my Dad.   He died on February 20th, 1978.  So next year at this time, I’ll be marking the 30th year I’ve lived without him.  If you look in my little picture above, of us camping back in the 1950s, my Dad is sitting next to me in the white shirt and dark colored trousers.  He looks more like he could be my grandfather, but he wasn’t.  He was 24 years older than my Mom.  That’s my Nana to the left (my right) in the photo, and my brother on the end all slumped down in the chair.  Mom is standing up and looks like she had been making us some sort of meal.  She was always doing something, I very rarely ever saw her just sitting. 

I think they must have hauled me out of the lake to take this picture because I lived in the water during those two glorious weeks in New Hampshire each year.  In fact, most of my young life was spent in the water, usually the Atlantic Ocean, but on our holiday in White Lake in NH. 

Anyway, back to Dad.  He was born (as I’ve told you before in my other journal) back in 1902.  So that would make him 105 this year.  If he had lived that long.  I take after my Dad, too.  He and I were cut from the same cloth.  I miss him.

I’m going to look for another picture of him to put in here, but I’m not 100% sure how to do it, so we’ll see how that goes.  For now, I’ll just save this and go on a search for the way.

I finished all my typing for today, yesterday, so technically though this isn’t THE holiday, it is MY holiday.  Once I drive over to work later, though, and pick up more, that will be the end of my day off because more than likely there’ll be a lot of back-logged typing, due to the holiday, and I’ll have to get busy on it this afternoon.

I haven’t yet decided if I am going to be sending out Update Notifications each and every time I post here.  What do you think?  Should I?  I’m doing this completely from my computer now, so it’s really not a bother, but I hate to inundate your mailbox if you don’t want it.  For now, I will, I guess.  There’s a thingy (widget?) on the right hand column that you can click on to sign up for ?updates? – I really don’t know what that is – I haven’t explored ALL the features here yet.  I’ll let you know when I know, how’s that? 

Better get going.  Catch up with you later.



10 thoughts on “Marking an anniversary, again

  1. And I got so tied up in the pages I forgot to mention your dad. My dad died about two weeks after yours, just a few days short of his sixty-ninth birthday. I connect to what you say: he and I were two of a kind, and I still miss him every day.


  2. I’m one of those who was loyal to D’land until the service got really bad. I keep the D’land address and page to let my old readers know that I’ve updated on my newer page. Both of these are good, unless you have a preference in style. Personally, I like a separate page for each entry (even if I have to link back to an old one). I miss the picture of the doggies.


  3. Well..reporting from webby land here. This blog is “OK”…but I’m not crazy about it. I liked it when you had the wonderful color pictures of the cottage and the dogs. And the Diaryland site was a lot easier for me to negotiate. I’ve also noticed that this blog doesn’t “translate” to webby well. There are all these “A” looking symbols in the middle of your posts. And the picture is tiny…can hardly see it, even when I click on it. Just my opinion. And yes…I want updates!


  4. P.S.

    Since I had made two new blogs over the weekend, one with blogspot and one with wordpress, I was getting them mixed up I guess. It appears there’s no place to sign up for a notify.

    But I do it all from my own computer anyway, so if you wish to be notified, just leave me a message to that effect in here under comments, put your email address in (it won’t show) and I’ll get it from there and will add you to my list of people I notify.



  5. Sorry about that, Rosemary. I was away and just saw that you had commented. This is the only thing that I don’t really like here. When someone comments, I receive an email asking if I approve it or not. I suppose that’s a good feature to keep spammers away, but just for your information, if you comment and it doesn’t show up right away, it’s because I haven’t gotten back here yet to “approve” it.

    If anyone who deals with WordPress knows how this can be changed, I would appreciate hearing from you.


  6. I wrote I would like a notify. Came back comment is awaiting moderation?
    Really enjoy your journal. Family photograph was neat. Will try this once again.


  7. Would really like a notify. Could not find anywhere to sign up though. Really enjoy your journal Bex. The photograph of you with your family was neat.


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