Remembering a friend…

I know I’m a day late, but on the 29th anniversary of the passing of my own dear father, the mother of my best friend, Sandy, passed yesterday, and I wanted to remember her here. 

Her name was Lee.  And she was one beautiful woman.  Above, from left to right are Lee, Sandy, Carla, and Nicole. Four generations of Iowan women who are very dear to me, one and all.

I believe Lee was 89 when she passed yesterday, but to me she looks ageless.  She was the beloved mother and best friend to my own best friend Sandy F. from Iowa.  I don’t think I have ever seen a mother/daughter team quite as close and tight as these two ladies were to each other

Lee was vibrant and highly intelligent for all of her life.  She worked as an executive secretary for a large firm for a long time, and lately, in her retirement, she was given a WebTV box by her daughter, and she had so much fun surfing the world wide web on that thing over the last several years. 

When Paul and I invited her daughter, Sandy, to accompany us to England, which was Sandy’s first visit out of the country, and a place she had always dreamt of visiting, her mother didn’t balk.  She gave Sandy her blessings and good wishes, even though I just know she must have missed her very much for the whole 3 weeks Sandy was gone from her. 

Lee is in a good place today, and to Sandy and her children and their families, I send out my deepest sympathies in losing such an incredible and much beloved matriarch such as Lee was for you. 

We will all miss her!

With love,

Bex & Paul


7 thoughts on “Remembering a friend…

  1. What a dear dear friend you are to make journal of my mom.
    She was a wonderful mom and also my best friend.
    I will miss her very much.
    She will be buried next spring under a new tree to be planted on my girl farm land.
    She will stay here at my house till than.
    Her ashes are in her sewbox…those was her wishes and I followed them all.
    She even wrote her own service…what a trooper she was.
    She has had cancer for 24 years.
    THANKS Bex..this is special to me ..very special


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