The Face of Love


It has taken me hours to figure out how to put a picture in here.  I tried a million times yesterday to put the picture of Sandy’s family up, but now I can’t figure out how I did it.

I am using a photo I have at Webshots, and I finally figured to click on the little tiny photo link above this, but I’m not even sure this will work right.

Before, when I used Diaryland, I did all my own HTML right from scratch.  No templates.  I guess it worked better for me because I can’t seem to get the hang of these strict editing rules here.  But I will persevere.




3 thoughts on “The Face of Love

  1. Lovely photo, Bex, and worth the struggle. 🙂

    You’ll soon get the hang of it — use the box underneath the text entry to upload a picture from your own computer, or, if you are happier using html then click on the ‘code’ tab just above the text entry box to view and enter naked html.


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