Take a hike

Almost every day, I visit a website called Mad About Mountains, by Ann Bowker.   Ann lives in Keswick, Cumbria, England, and she is a mountain climber/hiker.  She goes on daily hikes up into the mountains of the Lake District of northern England, and each day she uploads the most incredible photos of the landscapes she encounters on her hikes with the Keswick Rambling Club.  They are spectacular.

I know I’ve shared them with you before, but I just wanted to renew that invitation to click on this Lakeland Fells page  and then, choose a link and go. 

I know it’s not quite as good as being there, but the way Ann has captured the incredible natural beauty of her area of the world, you will feel exhiliarated, as I do each and every day.

Three cheers for beautiful England!



6 thoughts on “Take a hike

  1. Wow, what photos. Considering the hills we have where I have, I need to get a friend to go with me for safety sake and see what our countryside looks like. Thanks for sharing the link.


  2. You’re certainly welcome. Those daily hiking pictures of Ann’s are stunning. I usually pick a new one each day for my “background” picture on my monitor. I like the change, and seeing that landscape reminds me of when we were there, and wishing we could manage a trip back there someday. Just don’t know when that will be.


  3. There was a biodocumentary on Wainwright on TV yesterday. Only caught a bit of it but it brought it all back. Ann’s pictures reinforce memories of wonderful walks with the little books as guide. Thanks, Bex!


  4. I love the names: Dunmail Raise, Hart Crag, Dove Crag, High Pike, Low Pike, Little Hart Crag, Froswick, Ill Bell, Windermere…

    I’ve really got to get in some good old mountain hiking this year. My daughter and I talked about hiking Mt Washington last year but never seemed to find the time for it.


  5. Thanks for the link. I love mountains, too. You and Michael must be on the same page – you both have started updating daily again. It’s probably harder on you guys, but Im happy.


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