Fielding the balls they hit you

I’ve been wondering.  Does anyone ever use the right margin alignment when they are typing out their blog?  I’m trying it right now and it’s like trying to type backwards, or like reading Chinese backwards and up and down, rather than frontward and left to right.  It’s really weird, but since they give you that option up there in the little editor section, I just wondered if anyone ever used the right hand margin alignment thingy?

Paul had a lump on his face yesterday.  I freaked out.  I nagged him all thru supper, until I could see he wasn’t liking that very much, but I insisted he call his doc to ask if it was important.  It’s right underneath his ear, on his face, it seems to be where there are some lymph nodes. 

He’s on this low-iodine diet right now, and he’s off his thyroid replacement medicine, in preparation for his follow-up thyroid uptake scan which is coming up soon.  So no thyroid exists in his body anymore, and he has had no thyroid replacement medicine for a week.  And up pops this lumpy/swelling area on his face.  All I could think of was John McCain – Mr. Lumpy-Face.  Anyway, Paul did call the doc and the nurse finally got back to him in the afternoon (good thing it wasn’t urgent!), and she said she’d never run across that happening to anyone undergoing what he’s undergoing right now, so not to worry. 

I dunno… we’ll see.  Although, I did notice that this afternoon, the swelling/lumpy thing has gone way down and you can almost not see it.  Maybe it’s OK.

There are just so many things going on right now to worry about.  My friend, Sandy, said fare-thee-well to her Mom last week, and then Iowa got hit with a humongous ice and snow storm to beat the band.  Her daughters and families have lost power this whole week – I can’t imagine how horrible that must be!  If I lose power for 2 hours, I freak out.  They think it won’t be back on til next week now!  I hope it’s sooner than that.  And then, to add salt to their wounds, as if this month hasn’t been crappy enough, Sandy’s daughter’s dog is very ill and may need to be put down soon, like this week. She is not a happy camper, and my heart goes out to her and her family tonight.  That is one of the worst jobs a dog-parent can have (or any pet-parent) – saying goodbye – but wanting them to stay so bad. 

We are just muddling along here.  Paul is home all the time now, doing small jobs on his lobster gear.  He “knits” heads for the traps in the wintertime.  He can do this up in the bedroom, using the bedpost to hook the twine onto, and using a shuttlecock type of thing, he makes the heads that go into the lobster traps.  They are a pain in the neck to make every year, but much cheaper to make than to buy all made. 

I’ve been swamped with a bit more work than I like lately, but I can’t really complain – better too much work than no work at all!  That day will come soon enough, and I won’t like it.  I’ve never not worked, at least not since I was about 17.  And for about 4 years before that, after my mother gave birth to my sister, I had the job of taking care of her while Mom went back to work full time.  So it’s been a while since I’ve not worked, and I’m ready actually.  If only I can work out the financial aspects of it within the next 7 or 8 years. 

Enough.  My back is aching, my neck is aching, and it’s time to turn out the lights, kiss my dogger goodnight and give her a head-scratch, and climb in under the duvet and sleep. 

I’ve also noticed that nights seem very short lately — as soon as I hit the pillow, it’s morning!




8 thoughts on “Fielding the balls they hit you

  1. Sara passed on her own ..they found out on tue she had cancer and no hope of livng much longer.
    It is Carla with no power..not Tammy.
    I did call Carla this a.m. and they are doing ok ..she now is happy to go to work..they have heat.
    She is ok but the child isn’t..she is 15 and can’t deal without have no power which means no tv/computer/games..her life sucks she said..that is your teenage now..they don’t know how to deal without cyber space.


  2. Steph – sorry… you are quick! Actually I thought of that this morning in the bathroom…I only mentioned one dog! We have the two, but one sleeps with me (in MY room) and one sleeps with Paul (in HIS room). I get Whitby, he gets Emmalee. I have to sleep in a separate room because Paul snores and I get NO sleep in the same room with him!


  3. We just got the news..Sara my girl’s dog has passed over the rainbow and is with my mom now.
    One week to the day of mom passing we now lost a family member(Sara the dog)..we have had one sad week that is for sure.


  4. Lots of prayers for Paul…I pray his report is GOOD NEWS .
    Thanks for all your support in our sad times we are dealing with now.
    My girl power won’t be back on till maybe sunday.
    It went off sat. morning..been a long week for them.
    She said last nite on the phone you could hang a side of beef and it would freeze right there in the living room .
    Sara the dog will be put down on thur morning…sad start to March.


  5. Heh, I wake up (almost) make a pit stop and then, to ease my aching back try to go back to bed and lie in a different position. The horrible thing is that if I do reach such a wonderful position, sleep overtakes me once again, and before I know it it is noon !

    But I still miss working a job.


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