Yes, Virginia, there will be spring this year


Just a short note tonight.  Real tired here and need to sleep.

This is for Sandy – pictured above, with our two girls, Whitby and (the late) Jasmine Rose.  Romping in the spring garden at Crow Cottage, after we’d returned from two weeks in England together.

This picture is FOR Sandy because she wrote that they may lose power out there in snow and ice-bound Iowa again tonight, and I just can’t believe the horrible weather they are having this year, and I wanted her to know that it WILL be spring, some day.  Just remember what green grass looked like once… that will keep you going.Now to bed. 

Good night friends.

Stay well.



4 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia, there will be spring this year

  1. Thanks Bex for the heads up that spring will roll around again…I am wondering as the wind howls now and is blowing the power lines around.
    Great photo of what spring can be like and was fun to view the fuzzies again.
    Sad on the other hand that one is gone now over the rainbow.


  2. There’s a bit of true joy in the photograph, Bex, and I hope it lifts Sandy’s spirits in Iowa. We’re getting reports here of fearful weather in the States. Keep safe… 🙂


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