The photo above is real, and was taken by Frank Johnston-Banks in Yorkshire.  It just cracked me up. The name of the village it was in began with “Bra…”

   This always happens to me.  I have things working nicely one minute, and then I get to fiddling and diddling with them, and poof!  They are all messed up. It seems that the text/font in my blog is driving me bonkers lately.  I wish I could control it, and I thought I had figured it out, but now it looks like the text on the sidebar has enlarged itself to the point of craziness.  So I’m leaving off the font tags for this entry altogether.  See what happens.  

I’ve also tried quite a few of the “theme” templates here.  I hate to “copy” anyone else, but I’m really liking the one John Bailey uses – I just don’t want to be a copycat.I’ve been trying to work most of today, but without a firm deadline staring me in the face, I find myself drifting off into internet-land and enjoying the time a little more than I should be doing.  I DO have work, after all.

 Don’t know if you saw it, but a new guy came in and commented on my post from a couple of days ago, about Whitby.  He has a good web site all about the Whitby-Dracula connection that you should visit when you get a chance.  If you care about that sort of thing.

 I may do another post later tonight, after I’ve rested my neck up a bit – sitting here all day has given me serious neck pain and it’s time to feed the dogs anyway. 




4 thoughts on “Obsessive/Compulsive

  1. Well, fortunately for us, but unfortunately for them, we don’t do much “work” keeping up the dogs. They never bathe, and Whitby hates to be brushed! She gets brushed now and then, but not very often. For some reason, Jazzy’s white fur always stayed nice and white, without much work.


  2. Your site looks fine. Methinks you worry too much, milady.

    The sign is hilarious. (Yes, this is small font!!) If I mistype something, don’t blame me!! LOL

    About the previous post. All I could think of was what a job that must be to keep up two doggies with all that fur!! Beautiful, but lots of work.



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