A Confession

I’ve sunk really low.  And if I don’t tell someone about it, I’ll burst.  I am addicted to amazon.com.It’s been bad, up to now, but never as bad as last night.Or should I say, in the wee hours of this morning.  Like 2:30 a.m. to be precise.

I am a light sleeper anyway.  Well, I went to bed around 10-ish, and sometime around 2-ish, I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I have a radio with little headphones next to my bed, always tuned in to the local National Public Radio station which usually has the BBC broadcasting overnight.  A lot of nights I will not be able to sleep and will put the headphones in my ears and just lie there til I fall asleep again. 

That’s what I did last night/early this morning.

Well, there was this great interview show on – the interviewer was chatting with a woman who had the most luscious sounding voice.  At first I didn’t recognize her.  Then they played a bit of a new song from her latest CD and oh-my-gawd – she was so good. I love a good voice, and she had one.  I almost thought it was familiar, though …

So they never said who she was, assuming we already knew that, since we should have been listening from the beginning.  I wanted that CD!  After a while, and listening to him ask her all kinds of questions, little things came out that led me to realize it was an old favourite of mine – Nanci Griffith!

She is most famous for a song she did called “From A Distance” – but she has a ton of songs under her belt.  She’s country, but also other genres, as well.  Mostly country and folk I guess. 

I listened to a couple more of the cuts from this new album of hers, and each one was just beautiful.

So I got up, turned my computer ON, and ordered it online! At 2:30 a.m.!

Nanci Griffiths - “Ruby’s Torch” CD


I am so low!

I’ve been trying to break this habit of buying things I see and want, and I would go for extended periods of being really good, but lately, I can’t seem to stop myself.  And I can’t afford to be doing this all the time either!  I work hard for my money, and it needs to stop!


But not until I get my Nanci Griffith CD in the mail!  I can’t wait!




7 thoughts on “A Confession

  1. I’m glad I have so much support in this. But it wasn’t the actual
    buying of the CD that made me feel guilty, it was the way in which I did it. In the middle of the night/morning, when everyone else was asleep. I guess it’s just been a long time since I was a night owl.


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