To Prepare or not to Prepare…

I had planned to do my state and federal income taxes this weekend.  You want to know what I got done?

None of it.

Paul keeps telling me “It’s ok, don’t worry, you’ve got scads of time to do them…” But every weekend comes, and every weekend goes, and I don’t do them.  I’ve never had this procrastination problem with doing my taxes before this year, either.  I don’t use a fancy computer tax preparer program.  Paul used to do our “joint” tax returns – for years since we’ve been married he’d do them down on the kitchen table, a few weekends in a row, slowly and methodically, with his little calculator.  He’s not into computers.  He likes to do all his accounting and bookkeeping by hand. A couple of years ago, maybe three, I’m not sure how many, when he did our taxes and asked me for my share of the money WE OWED! I got all cranky and asked “What if we were to file as “married filing separately”  Do you think we’d still owe so much?  So for the heck of it, we figured it both ways.  And when we figured it as “married filing jointly,” we owed more money than when we each filed separately as married. It didn’t take us long to determine that that was the way to go so, since that time, I have been doing MY taxes and he has been doing HIS.  His are more complicated than mine, since he is a self-employed fisherman, and he has to file such things as estimated quarterlies and send in his gas receipts, etc. — alll stuff I haven’t a clue about.

Me?  I just have the tiny interest from my savings account, and my tiny interest from something else or other, and that’s about it.  So I just follow along on last year’s forms, fill in the new numbers for this year (really last year) and it’s no problem. 

So why do I keep putting it off this year?

I have no idea.  Except that I’m working every day in the week lately, Mondays right thru Sundays, and by the time I stop working on a Sunday afternoon, I’m not in the mood for more work-related stuff.  I want to be entertained!

~ ~ ~ ~

Tonight I could have done the taxes.  After supper.  I had several hours that have just gone by without anything productive coming out of me at all.  They could be all done, sealed up, and stamped ready to mail off tomorrow, if only I’d thought to do them after supper.

But noooooo, I had to finish watching a Lifetime movie that I’d started while cooking supper, and then I had to wait around for 9 o’clock to see if there was gonna be a good Masterpiece Theatre on PBS.

There wasn’t!

They had some silly top 12 best Masterpiece Theatres of all time, supposedly voted on by “you – the viewers” but I’d already seen most of that exact show earlier!

I don’t want rehashes of old ones, I want new ones.  Or at least repeats of some of the really great ones from decades ago that haven’t been on EVER again!

C’mon BBC – get on the stick and produce some new stuff for us over here across the pond.  Our TV situation is really drastically imploding lately.  There is NOTHING GOOD ON ANYMORE!

Gone are the good old days when you could count on watching an installment of Upstair/Downstairs.  Or my very favourite one of all time, DUCHESS OF DUKE STREET.  (I had to finally BUY both boxed sets of Duchess of Duke Street, along with many others that I’ve loved over the years.)

I never bought a copy of Upstairs/Downstairs, but I did enjoy that one too.  One show I would like to see repeated here in the States again is THE DARLING BUDS OF MAY.  It was the first time we ever spotted Catherine Zeta-Jones in all her glory, as the oldest daughter of Pop Larkin.  What a joyfil show that was.  Lucky for me, though, I have one of the Darling Buds of May paperbacks in my upstairs loo bookshelves and I read it, a few pages at a time, from time to time. 

If anyone ever clicks onto my Wish List link over there in the left hand column, you will see that one of the series I have never gotten for myself yet, but which I just loved-loved-loved was the POLDARK series.  If anyone has a couple of hundred dollars they want to donate to the cause of entertaining me in my dotage, you could always buy it for me. 

Or not.  Suit yourself.

I wish they’d repeat the entire Poldark series, too.  There are so many of them, from the old days, that they COULD replay for us, but they don’t for some reason.  They are trying to starve us out here. 

I hear, from friends who get BBC-America on their cable channels, that there are some decent British shows coming from across the pond, but we don’t get that channel at our house (well, we COULD if I wanted to fork over about $50 more per month to the cable company, but I’m being stubborn about it.  Maybe after I retire (I keep saying that).

Maybe I’ll do my taxes after I retire – but then again, if I wait that long, they’ll probably haul me away to jail for tax evasion before I get to collect any of my hard earned Social Security checks.

So maybe I’ll just do the taxes next weekend…




7 thoughts on “To Prepare or not to Prepare…

  1. I remember when one could count on parking one’s tush in front of the telly early on Saturday evening with one’s knitting and be treated to wonderful Britcoms on PBS. Now we have endless reruns of “Are You Being Served?” I would love to see some reruns of “On the Buses” and shows of that period.

    When I move, I am having digital cable installed so that I can watch BBC.


  2. Whaddya mean “nothing good on TV”? Don’t you realize there is All Anna Nicole all day long? Who could possibly want anything more. (Yes, I’m kidding, thank goodness.)


  3. Because of complications (uncertainties about college tuition credits, Daniel’s Canadian investments, etc.), I finally decided to have an accountant do our taxes again this year. It’s worth the peace of mind.


  4. Me too. I’ll do my taxes next weekend, too. Maybe.

    BBC America is bringing back The Saint, The Avengers, The Prisoner, and a whole lot of Benny Hill. I don’t know if that makes you feel better or worse about not getting it.


  5. You’re right, the 12 best wasn’t quite all it was hopped up to be. Except interesting to see the actors as their real selves. I wish I could afford the Beeb channel too — I’d be watching it all the time instead of this silly Yank twaddle. Except for Lost. I called & wanted to get the Wives & Daughters DVD but they want a pledge of $175!!! (eyebrows through the ceiling!) I declined — I can call my local customer service tomorrow & see if I can talk them down to a decent price. Geesh.


  6. Bah humbug on taxes. Funny thing, that is what Michael and I were going to do today and never got to them. Micahel does ours since I don’t have the patience. So, I suppose since he’s off work tomorrow, we’ll try to do them then.


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