White Squall

I’ve made some progress.  I cleaned a bit of the clutter from my desk today.  I had a pile of, oh, about 6 inches high of various and sundry catalogs I’d received in the mail, and I took them over to work where two of my coworkers were glad to relieve me of them.  That’s one less weight Paul will have to lug out on trash day.   Those catalogs can really get heavy. 

The other progress I made was that I dug out my package of tax forms I’d collected together for the purpose of doing my income taxes, and put them front and center on my much neater looking desk, all ready to prepare at my first opportunity.   My goal is to have them done before Saturday.  

It’s been a lovely, partly sunny day up to now, and all of a sudden, the sky grew dark gray, the wind began to howl, but now the sun is shining brightly, however, the air is filled with a complete white-out of SNOW!  The sunshine is literally pouring in the windows and yet, it’s snowing a blizzard outside.   

What?  I suppose if I were to get myself outside, there must be a rainbow somewhere, but I’m warm in here and don’t fancy getting my fingers frozen just now.   

snowsquall0003.jpg    snowsquall0002.jpg      snowsquall0004.jpg

 (Click photos – you can see out the window, the snow squalling all ’round and the sun pouring in at the same time.)

Paul went today to pop his first thyroid detection pill at the hospital.  This is in preparation for having a thyroid uptake scan on Wednesday.  Once they scan his body, and if there is nothing showing up in the form of any errant thyroid cancer cells, then he’s OK.  If anything were to show up, then he would have to take an even larger pill of the radioactive iodine which would, in due course, kill off any of those cancer cells. 

Theoretically, and hopefully. 

I, of course, am praying for the former to be the case.  I’m sick of cooking his low-iodine diet and want to get back to preparing regular meals again.  Paul has requested pizza when he’s done with this, so maybe this weekend we can treat ourselves to pizza in celebration of 1) his medical condition and, 2) filing my income taxes. 

Oh look at that will you – just as fast as it came blowing in, the snow squall has abated.  All the while, the sun shone through, but now it’s as if nothing ever happened.   To put it mildly, the weather has been stranger than fiction this winter. 

I noticed earlier today, when I clicked on a WordPess site, that WordPress was “down.”  Being a new user of this blog provider, I don’t know how often this type of thing occurs.  I hope not much, but I suppose it happens even to the best of companies. 

~ ~ ~  

Now that the dogs have had their suppers, and have been out to do business and back in again, it’s time now for me to attend to our dinner preparations. 

I’ll leave you here with a photo of a place that is close to my heart – Yorkshire, England.   


White Horse of Kilburn




4 thoughts on “White Squall

  1. I remember when I got off of Parnate and MAOI, I couldn’t have pizza because of the cheese. So, that was the one thing I wanted when the doctor took me off it and was it good. Well worth the wait. Only now, the pizza place is closed, Blaaaahhhh.


  2. We had bright sun and white out snow on Saturday, it is very strange. Winter is back here again, cold. I am so tired of it.


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