True to my word, I have finished doing my income taxes for 2006. 

I knew that if I put it off one more day, the week would get away from me, and it would be Saturday before I knew it, and they’d still be not done.  So, after coming back from the office today, with a small headache already brewing, I tackled them.  I had to lock the dogs out of my office to get the job done.  But I did it.  All stamped and ready to mail.  With refunds coming back to me from both the state and the feds!  Yes!

We have had high winds and freezing temps here this week.  It was 11 degrees today (I don’t calculate Celsius, sorry.)  But let me just say, for anyone living overseas, 11 degrees is NOT by any standard a warm day in the sun.  Although, we did have sun all day —  but that didn’t help.  It was bone-numbing cold, and high, high winds to boot. 

In this kind of wind, there is this noise somewhere outside the house, that’s been driving me mad lately.  I am already mad enough normally, so I don’t need outside forces helping the situation along.  When the winds get all stirred up and are fast and furious, something will go BANG outside, it sounds like someone is banging on a big empty metal drum or something.  For weeks it’s been driving me nuts. 

Today, when I had a minute, I went out back on the deck, in the wild wind, and just stood there, waiting for that damn noise to happen, so I could try to pinpoint where it was coming from.  If it’s from MY house, I want to do something to stop it.  If it’s coming from the house next door, well, at least they can’t blame me for it.  I just had to know.  Of course, the whole time I was out there, freezing my tush off, the noise didn’t happen once.  Natch. 

Kind of like that rattle in your car that haunts you day in and day out UNTIL you take it to the mechanic, and then it very conveniently disappears until you are alone again, in the car, and hear it with no witness around. 

It’s that kind of noise. 

Paul thinks I’ve lost it.  He never seems to hear it.  HOW CAN HE NOT HEAR IT?  It’s loud!  Men! 

Anyway, I thought I heard it when I was back inside, and that it was coming from the side/front deck area, so I took the dogs with me, for witnesses, and we stood at the side-back door (which has a window in it) looking out onto the side deck at the 3 wooden seats there.  They are all rocking-type seats, two doubles and one single.  Theoretically, they could be pushed back and forth, to and fro, in a high wind. 

So I waited.

And sure enough, finally a good big gust of high wind came up and pushed that single chair right into the railing on the porch.  BANG!  It made THE noise! 

I went out and moved it a bit so’s it wouldn’t it the railing, and came back in.  I proudly showed Paul what was causing that noise and that I’d fixed the whole problem. 

He couldn’t have cared less.  Men!


frontdeckspring.jpg    frontdeck.jpg 

Then, after supper, I had a lot of typing for tomorrow, so I got started in on it.  I’ve been here now for about 2 hours, and all of a sudden, out the back window, on the complete opposite side of the house as the side deck, came a HUGE BANGING NOISE again! 





6 thoughts on “Haunted

  1. I can calculate Fahrenheit to Celcius (and vice versa) because of having studied science. However, there are some “benchmarks.” One of those is that, at about 12 or 13F, it is approximately MINUS 12 or 13C. For anyone who cares. Actually, we will never convert until we learn to match the numbers with the reality: 20C – room temperature; 15C – you need a sweater; 10C, a warm coat; 0 is freezing. Body temperature: 37C. And so forth.


  2. Thanks for putting my EYE~VIEW link on your list.
    Wow..hope you find the banging soon.
    Glad your taxes are behind you now…with your refund you can maybe make a trip over the pond..hehe


  3. WHAT? It’s hard to hear over all that banging.

    You did not miss anything on American Idol tonight. They guys were underwhelming, even the good singers. It’s too bad only two of them are getting voted off this week.


  4. Oh you are so good. Taxes on either side did not get done this weekend. Next weekend it will have to be. And, as far as the weather, don’t read my xanga entry for today as you will be envious.


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