Just the bare bones

I don’t have it in me to conjure up much of an entry tonight.  But since I’ve been doing so well, and keeping this pretty much a daily blog, I felt I should stop in just to say hi.


I have so much work to get done today/tonight that I can’t linger.  My fingers wanted to go on strike about 3 hours ago, but that’s not in the cards.  I must attend my work.

I mailed my tax returns off today.  I’ll bet you’re all happy and anxious to hear that bit of good news, huh?  I know I am.  One less thing to worry about. 

Paul had his thyroid scan today.  He hasn’t heard the official result yet from his endocrinologist, but while he was having the scan, the doctor said that he thought he’d be going back to having milk with his cereal real soon.  Dairy products had to be given up for this low-iodine diet he’s been on, and having his granola with applesauce each morning has not been going over very well with him.  He’ll be glad to get back to his usual routine soon.  It’s after 8 now, so I guess Dr. H. is not going to call.  She has been known to call here after suppertime, and I have to wonder – when do doctors eat supper?  It seems they are always working well into the evenings.

That’s why THEY get the big bucks, and we don’t!  Although, hey!  I’m working well into the evenings most nights too? 

Good night and cheerios,



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