Aliens in the blogs

I don’t know what’s going on.  I visited a friend’s blog earlier today, and the text was all messed up there…then I looked at my blog (both were here at wordpress) and the same thing!  Teensy tiny text for the most part, and the titles on the side columns are humongous!  So I tried changing the template on mine, and I got one that looks ok now.  But I liked my old one with the rape seed field picture on the top that I took in Yorkshire.  ;-( 

Anyway, I’ve got work to do now.  Usually, I don’t have to do ANY work on a Thursday night because I don’t have the deadline on Friday that I have the other days, but I have a rush job tonight that needs doing now. 

Oh, by the bye, PAUL’S TEST CAME BACK ALL NEGATIVE AND NORMAL!  He has no cancer, and he can go off that low-iodine diet, and start back on his thyroid replacement medication again! 


Catch up with you later.




7 thoughts on “Aliens in the blogs

  1. Happy news for Paul, wonderful.
    Was my blog the one all messed up? Because I am having trouble trying to keep it in paragraphs.


  2. That’s such good news!

    The font size does keep changing on your blog. Earlier this week everything was in a much larger font than usual but today it is smaller (still readable).


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