It must be spring

Well, we survived Daylight Saving Time.  At least my computer and I did.  It changed times automatically, as advertised.  There are still one or two clocks in this house that need changing, or maybe not. I didn’t actually check them all.

I spent most of today working.  I could see Paul wasn’t going to be doing a whole lot, so I asked him very nicely if he’d mind vacuuming the downstairs for me today.  The dog furs were piled knee-high in places and I couldn’t take it anymore.  

He said “Sure!”

He never got started on it til I woke him from a nap around 3:30!

Oh well, he’s been under the weather lately what with this thyroid thing, so I didn’t push it.  He did the job,  in the end, and now, for a few hours at least, we have a clean house. 

I put the dogs out back in their yard for a few hours after that, just so I could enjoy the house fur-less for a little while.  I can already see white furs starting to accumulate on the black background of the oriental rugs in the dining room, though.  It sure doesn’t take long!

I’m debating about whether or not to look into getting someone in to clean my house maybe once every 2 weeks.  I can’t do it very well with my very bad back and my bum hip and knee, and Paul will be fishing days soon.  I’m planning to give up my webtv, too, very soon, so that’ll be another $22/mo. that I could use toward some cleaning help. 

If it weren’t for the dogs, I could handle it.  But it’s just such heavy duty cleaning, and I’m not naturally a cleaning kinda person… it all gets way ahead of me.

So, other than working all day, I haven’t done much, except to make two lovely yummy homemade pizzas – we only ate a total of one between us but i have the rest all tucked away in the fridge for another day.  It was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever made too. 

I cooked a tiny bit of ground beef along with the insides of an italian sausage (casing removed) up in a pan with a chopped onion.  Sprinkled that over the top and topped with shredded cheddar and mozzarella.  A little sliced red peppers and some kind of italian smoked-type of thin sliced meat (can’t think of the name) and that pizza was gooood!  Hit the spot after Paul (and I) have been on that darn low iodine diet for so long. 

Watched some TV late in the day about the fires out in Orange County, California.  My heart breaks for the folks who are in its path, but even more for the little animals and birds who could not escape.  On the news they showed a rabbit hiding beside a house with smoke all around him, looking for some help and not knowing which way to turn.  Most people don’t really think about the wild creatures that suffer during a huge fire like that (the last count, I heard it had started with a car fire at 8 a.m. and by around 4 p.m. their time, it was up to over 1,000 acres, and a second fire had started too somewhere about 25 miles away).  It’s not good, and I will say a prayer or to for the humans, the pets, and the wild critters who are all suffering tonight.

 ~ ~ ~

This picture below is of Pateley Bridge in the Yorkshire Dales of England.  It’s one of our favourite places (we have a lot there), and it’s where we met a lady who has  turned into a very dear, dear friend.  She used to own and run a little antique shop just there.  We met her there in 1991, I believe, and we’ve loved her very much indeed ever since then.  Sheila, if you ever read this blog, know that we miss you very much and hope someday to be back there again – in the most wonderful land in the world.  (Just down and across that High Street there is a butcher shop who makes the best pork pies you’ve ever had, and oh what we’d give for a couple of those!)





8 thoughts on “It must be spring

  1. It was like prosciutto, Steph, but not that. I thin it began with a “C” but I threw out the packaging already. They had a whole slew of that type of meat, thin sliced, prepackaged, and I wasn’t familiar with this type, but it was very good.


  2. I highly recommend a cleaning lady, every other week. I’ve got a bum back too & can’t do a lot of houseworky things any more — she’s a life saver! I don’t know how I keep affording her, but I’m not giving her up unless I absolutely have to!

    Love the picture of that little stret — I am SO longing to get back over there!


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