Going deep into work mode

Just so you know… I am going into a deep work mode now.

There are things afoot at my job, and I need to pay attention to them.  I need to focus my pitiful old, small, half-arsed brain on all the new stuff I am going to need to know in the coming days, weeks and months, so I may be absent from here for a time.

I hardly ever get a day off from work now but, starting this coming week, it’s going to get a lot worse.  That’s about all the details I can go into here.  Suffice it to say, I’ll be thinking of you, and reading your journals and blogs each day, if I get the chance, but my time for composing a blog here has shrunk way down now.

I know you’ll understand.  Thanks.

This age of superinternet technology is catching up with us, and we must adapt.  It’s always hard learning new tricks, especially when you are an older dog, like me.  But here goes…

I’m jumping in at the deep end and holding my nose………….




8 thoughts on “Going deep into work mode

  1. Aww gee.. thanks for all your good wishes. I was having a bad time yesterday. My new program wasn’t working and it’s almost time to begin using it. I was panicking, as usual. Today I got it all sorted out, and feel like an elephant has been lifted off my shoulders.

    Thanks for the link, Novie. I’ll check it out, though I haven’t seen too many good comments on working for those national companies. I like the tapes and the small company atmosphere, and know WHO my doctors are… rather than having strange voices (and accents) to muddle my poor brain!


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