After the snow

We got a whollop last night, in the snow category.  Winter did not want to just fade off into the sunset, but rather he wanted to make a blazing exit so we’d not forget him.  I call this storm (one of only two we really had all winter) the “Dad’s Birthday storm” – the other one being the “Valentine’s Day storm.” 

We never had “the party” – it’s been postponed until next weekend.  Mom(in-law) is having a hip problem and is going for a CT scan on Monday to see if they can locate the cause of her pain.  So she wasn’t up for a party today.  But we did drive over there anyway, and gave Dad his pressies.  Next week we’ll do the supper and yummy carrot cake (which is being held in abeyance in their freezer until then) and, of course, the ice cream. 

It snowed  most of the day yesterday, and by the time I’d planned to go to bed (9 p.m.) the snow had built up outside to a point where I couldn’t open the front storm door.  So Paul had to go out and shovel off the front porch, and make a little pathway in the front garden area for the dogs. 

Emmalee was funny.  She’s a Tennessee belle and this is her first New England winter.  Since we haven’t had much in the way of snow at all this year, it’s all pretty new to her.  She is never sure just what to DO in it.  Whitby just plunges into it, and ends up making snow-angels in the snow (she does!)  She plops onto her back and sticks all four feet up in the air and does her “aerobic exercises” in the snow.  I wish I was quicker with the camera – but I’m not.  I just stand there and giggle at her – she is a snow-bunny, and once Emma sees what fun Whitby is having, she joins in the fun,  runing all over the front garden, up to her elbows in snow.

Sometime in the night, the rain came.  It rained til morning, and I thought we’d wake and find it all washed away.  Instead, it’s still there, but it’s a few inches of slush now, not fluffy snow, and Paul said it’s the heaviest snow he has ever put shovel to. 

We don’t “do” snowblowers here.  It’s the old fashioned manual show-shovel for this family (well, Paul).  I do a little here and there, but am fearful of back problems cropping up so don’t overdo.  Paul does the minimum, as well.  He’s already hit the 60 year mark and in fact he’s heading toward 62 this summer.  I think, at that age, it’s time to take it a little easier around the house.  It’s amazing how many chores there are with a house to maintain, and after 60, they all seem much more difficult for some reason.

So now we have to look forward to a birthday party with cake and ice cream in a week’s time. 

~ ~ ~  

Meanwhile, this is the week that I begin my new phase of work.  My 21st century style of working.  Should be interesting.

Work is calling my name here now, so I think I’ll get a head start on it and type for a few hours before suppertime. 

Stay well, friends.




11 thoughts on “After the snow

  1. My area of Nova Scotia starts to thaw for a few hours so that you can wallow in muck, then freezes and blows so hard you cannot open your car door easily, then snows. It can be a spring morning and a winter evening. Today, everything that is not secured is blow around the field again.

    I love the east coast for many reasons, but the wind is not one of them.

    Hang in there, Bex. OUR spring is nigh 🙂


  2. Bex — in response to your comment on my entry — Tiger also sometimes gets MaxCat Gourmet cat food (which is a Nutro brand) — the “sometimes” is because I get it at a pet store (Critter Hut) which is not on my normal shopping path. The factory that produced the bad food does supply some product to Nutro but not anything that I have ever purchased.


  3. I’ll be 86 in April and our grandson in law brought his snow blower over to dig us out of that, for the most part though, this winter I have shoveled our snow. Just by going out a while, coming in to rest and going back out, until all was clear. Sort of boring I know, but beats a heart attack.

    Someday Spring will come, looking forward to it.


  4. 21st century – Massachusetts. You should be able to send your finished product in via protected internet. I know that several hospitals in the Boston area are sharing data. If you could (1) listen to dictation via the phone and (2) send the typing back on the net, think of the gas you could save! Wishful thinking, I suppose. The worst thing about typing for Yale was trying to find a place to park.


  5. I have nothing against them, Steph, just that they cost too much, are too noisy, and pollute the air. If I lived here alone, you better believe I’d have one, though! Paul is my snowblower!


  6. Here’s hoping the thaw continues for you, Bex. We’re being warned to expect a last blast here tomorrow and for a couple of days next week. We’ll see. Doesn’t feel or smell anything like winter out there just now. 🙂


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