Take a trip to Yorkshire

I tried to “embed” this slide show in here, but either I don’t know the secret trick or it can’t be done. Somehow, I think it’s the former.

Anyway, I found this album on Webshots and thought you’d enjoy it too.

Richmond Town and Castle, North Yorkshire

 and here’s another album that is incredible by the same author:

A taste of North Yorkshire – ’Calendar Girls’ Country!!

and anther…

Whitby, Yorkshire, Scenic views.



7 thoughts on “Take a trip to Yorkshire

  1. Bev,

    I used the exact code (html) that Webshots provided for use in a blog for the slideshow, but each time i tried putting it in and saving it, it changed it to just a link rather than the slide show thing. I tried several times. It just would not work for me.


  2. I noticed that the slide show feature at Webshots is quite nice. Each pictures moves along and moves in and out nicely. I’m glad I stayed with Webshots, they went thru some changes and I almost left them, but I’ll stay now.


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