Happy Birthday, Dad



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 We had Paul’s Dad’s birthday party yesterday, a week late, but better late than never.  We had the most yummy carrot cake (above) you have ever tasted.  Mom gets her cakes at this super bakery in Danvers.  They can’t be beat.  And Dad had requested a carrot cake.  I brought small tubs of Haagen Daz (?) ice cream, coffee & pistachio, and we had a sandwich buffet of ham salad, turkey, Swiss cheese, fresh sandwich rolls, and chips (or crisps in other lands).


Dad went on and on about how we should come over to their place some night and stand in front of their large window and look out over the parking lot to see all the multicolored lights.  For some reason, he is really into seeing colored lights at night.  He says that the trees just get in the way!  I thought that was funny.  Normally, I ‘d rather see trees any day over man-made lights! 


I told him that he should turn out all the lights in the apartment and take a flashlight and point it out the window – sending Morse code signals out his window – and maybe if he did that each night at the same time, someone out there, amongst all those lights, would notice it and send back a message to him!


We all settled down with our food to their little pull-out table and had a very nice birthday lunch for Dad.  The sun was shining, it had only been spring for 3 days so far, and it was a perfectly lovely afternoon.  The four of us discussed all the topics we could think of before we had to put on our coats and head back to our menagerie to let the dogs out.


Happy Birthday, Dad.

A good time was had by all.








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