End of the week update


Photo by Ann Bowker

Here’s another place I could go for – forever. Wow. You can see I have been working too much lately.

The new system at work is going along nicely. I am doing it without too much complaining on my part. I run into a glitch about once a day (or less) which gets solved, and then I move on. It’s different, but it’s progress. And I can’t argue with progress.

I want that cottage above.

This picture reminds me of C.S. Lewis for some reason, even though it’s not taken in the same part of the country where he lived. It’s in Cumbria, much farther north.

Paul is out lobstering today. Hooray for employment again! This is his second day out this year, he went one day last week, too. It takes him an entire day to find, untangle, and renovate only 60 of his traps.  After not having pulled them for 3 months, in the wintertime, they are all over the place out there. Once he finds them all, baits them all up again, and the weather keeps getting warmer, he’ll be back to fulltime work in no time. It sure will be good to have a regular paycheck from him again. Good thing we’ve got me!

I’ve been to the lab this morning where I had to have blood drawn – always a fun thing to do at 7 a.m. Nothing by mouth after 7 last night – so I was cranky, and sleepy. I have a doctor’s appointment next week and my NP wanted to have the bloodwork in her hot little hands before I show up. Good thinking. I don’t want to make another trip unnecessarily.

Next weekend we are planning to do some garden clean-up. I’d do it myself but I’d be lame from all that exercise, so I will “help” Paul do it if we can find a nice day when he’s not out lobstering. Those days come few and far between once he has started up for the year, too.  A windy day is usually all I get out of him, and then when we rake, the leaves go flying down the street. No matter. It beats bagging them all up! The Salem Woods are around the corner, and they’ll probably blow right into that area. With any luck.

Time for lunch – work can just wait for an hour or two.




4 thoughts on “End of the week update

  1. Twice yearly I have to have bloods t aken. Unfortunately one has to be a fasting blood sample – – – – and I forget. So they get one and I go back the next day after fasting to have the other one drawn. Bummer that .


  2. If we lived closer to each other, I’d suggest a sneak trip to The Clam Box up in Ipswich, Steph. It was voted the Best Fried Clams in the Country one year by Yankee Magazine. Trouble is that there’s always a long queue to buy their food – it’s almost not worth going. But right here in Salem, there is a tiny family style restaurant called Dube’s, that has clams to die for. Maybe one day soon I’ll stop in and treat myself (hey, my birthday is coming up in a few weeks! yeah…..)


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