A Goat-bye for Patches


Everyone say

I’ll bet very few people are lucky enough to have a “boss” like I have.  “E”  is a one-in-a-million woman.  She lives on a mountain in New Hampshire, and she has goats, along with other pets. 

She had four goats for a long while.  They were all scheduled to be destroyed and she saved them from their fate, and raised them in her back yard.  They are spectacular animals.  I had never met pet goats before I went up to visit her on a company picnic one year.  A year or two ago, one of the goats passed away, and that was very sad, indeed. 

Just this past week, she lost another of her goats, “Patches”, and this is in loving memory of Patches. 

I only met Patches on a few occasions, but E. talks about them all the time when I see her at work.  It’s a hard life, too, keeping goats in the cold climate of a mountain in New Hampshire – when the snow comes, it’s a lot of work.  But she does it all cheerfully because she has a heart as big as the sky. 

We’ll miss you, Patches. 

 With love,



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