The Boston Marathon Fly-By

It’s that time of year again.  Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts.  The day 20,000 men and women crowd into the streets from Hopkinton to Boston to run a road race, called the Boston Marathon. 

Over the years, I’ve either had this day “off” from work, or I haven’t.  Mostly, for some reason, I haven’t.  I’d always wished I did in those cases because I used to be a jogger myself – back in the day before my body took a left turn and went south on me – so I always wanted to watch the Boston Marathon, but never could. 

Then I got my present job and, since I work at home at my own speed, I can make it so I have the time free on Monday morning to do just that. 

And just because we are having a wild and wooly Nor’Easter here in the Boston area, doesn’t mean I’ll have to miss the marathon!

Oh no!  They are running it anyway! 

Paul just went down to the harbour to check on his lobster boat.  It’s always a crapshoot as to whether or not your boat will be where you left it in a storm such as the one we’re having.  He’s good about keeping his ropes and lines nice and strong and up-to-date, but back in 1993, when we had what they called a “No Name” storm (mostly rain and wind like this one), he went down on a Sunday morning to find his (previous) lobster boat gone.  Oh he found it later, in bits and pieces all over the local beaches, even some of it over in Salem Harbour. 

That was why he bought his current boat, “Bollocks!”.  To replace the “Sunshine” he lost in that storm.

Yikes.  A wind gust just swept thru and the house shook!

Anyway, Paul just called from the harbour – his boat is fine. 


He also told me that a tree out in our back garden was blown down.  Not a huge tree and not any other damage, but one he really liked for its pretty leaves in the fall.  Actually, it was a 3-neighbor tree.  It was right on the corner of 3 properties, and none of us knew whose tree it really was.  Over the years, one neighbor had been pruning it back – the part overhanging her yard, and the other neighbor had done the same, so the only branch left overhanging a garden was our third of the tree… which is now down.

Paul will have a little clean-up duty to do later on.

I asked Paul, when he let the dogs out front earlier this morning to do their business to be careful, especially with Emmallee, not to let them go flying off into the wind.  Dogs aren’t that big (some of them, anyway) and I’ve seen Nor’Easters pick people up right off their feet (my brother, in fact) so I have no doubts that a free-roaming dog in the front garden might do the same.

But they are back safe and sound, sitting here on the bed in my office, drying off, settling in.

I got all my Monday work done over the weekend, too, so now I’m going down to get my cuppa, turn on the TV and wait for the start of the Big Race.

More power to them.  I hope no one blows away!




9 thoughts on “The Boston Marathon Fly-By

  1. I went to the beach last week to talk and I was bent over and wondering whether or not I could make my mile turn around. I could even taste salt on my lips. But boy, on the way back the wind pushed me back down the beach like I was a piece of seaweed.


  2. Late night note – Yes the ran the marathon. By the time they finished, the rain had basically ended, but it was still quite blustery. A lot of runners had “hypothermia” and had to go to hospital. To me, they all looked like anorexics – but than anything normal next to me would look that way! Hey, I’ve lost 5.5 lbs to date! Some progress, small though it is…


  3. You are having the bad weather we had last week…sure hope spring gets here soon before summer hits.
    Have fun enjoying the race.
    Off now to the tooth doc.


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