Mon Anniversaire

I’ve stopped being 58 and began being 59 today.

I figure I’ve got 10 more years in me.

I just hope I can retire, and live long enough to enjoy it a little.

Today, I am going to do something foolish, something that I know I should not do, but since it’s MY day, I’m throwing caution to the wind and going to do it anyway.

I’m going out to lunch with my dear family and I’m going to order fried clams.

And after I’ve satisfied this craving I’ve had for fried clams for ever so long now, I’m going back on my diet and hopefully this little indiscretion will be just a blip on the radar of my life.

I thought about ordering a nice healthy and non-fattening piece of fish.  But I get that here at home any time I want it.  Fried New England clams I do NOT get any old time, so this is THE DAY!

I think I’ll skip the scale tomorrow morning.

My Birthday Lunch!

Happy as a Clam!



12 thoughts on “Mon Anniversaire

  1. Oh my! What a pile! But congratulations…and I had already read ahead to find out that you still lost weight, which is the best gift of all.


  2. When my cardiologist told me to follow a low sodium diet I told him that I would make a major effort to do so… but told him that my daughter and I enjoyed eating at a Japanese restaurant sometimes and that I had a feeling that the things we liked might not be low sodium. He told me “Everybody needs to eat in a Japanese restaurant some times, just don’t do it every night.”

    Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed those fried clams. (Hmmm, that does sound good!)


  3. Happy birthday, Bex. Yes, going off the diet every once in a (great) while is the only thing that makes the rest of it tolerable. Congrats on 59. I will join you there in less than a year.


  4. Why do we diet anyways ? Shouldn’t we just be enjoying what time we have on this earth ? Life is too short. Okay, perhaps eating clams everyday isn’t the heathiest way to live our lives….but come on, a girl’s gotta live….

    Bex you’ve always looked great to me ! Happy Birthday


  5. I knew I should have brought my camera with me, but I forgot!

    The clams were perfection. I didn’t go overboard either. I had a side order of the fried clams and a garden salad which was perfect. Yes, the clams are not on the diet, but the salad is something I’ve gotten into the habit of having every day for lunch, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed and am not even hungry for any supper now! Paul is replete still too, so the best part of this day, besides the clams, is not having to make any supper for us!



  6. Happy Birthday , Bex. Enjoy the fried clams. If you don’t enjoy something you like on your birthday, when can you? Anyway, it isn’t a diet if you don’t go off of it once in a while just to know you really are being good when you go back on it. Happy, Happy Birthday !


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