Surprise, surprise!

I ate that whole serving (side order) of fried clams on Saturday, as well as a good sized garden salad, skipping any dinner that night (as well as skipping any breakfast earlier in the day), and on Sunday morning, against my better judgment, I did step on the scale and lo and behold – I had lost a pound!

Maybe I’ve stumbled onto a new diet – the Fried Clam & Salad Diet!  Wouldn’t that be heavenly?  At least to us clam-lovers.

Just to be sure it wasn’t a scale fluke or something, I weighed in again this morning and that pound is still gone.  Score one for the Bexter.

Now, today my friend, Mary, is taking me out to lunch for my birthday.  So here I go all over again.  She had planned to go up to this little shop near our house and maybe get a stuffed pita sandwich.  But the more I thought about it, the more I want something other than bread (pita or otherwise) since bread is one of those things I’ve eliminated from my diet.  The next thing I’ve had a craving for is clam chowdah!  Natch!  I love me some New England Clam Chowdah.  So I plan to ask Mary if it’s alright with her if we go down to the Barnacle restaurant in Marblehead (it sits right smack on the edge of the harbor and we will have a grand view of the ocean, not to mention Paul’s lobster boat which is moored right off there).  They serve really good chowder there and I don’t think that will break the bank, either.  It does contain potatoes, which also is an ingredient I have eliminated, but just for today, I’ll splurge (again!).  


[The front view of The Barnacle ]


[The view of Marblehead Harbor from The Barnacle]

  Here’s a review of the Barnacle written by a patron:

We have been going to the Barnacle for over 12 years and enjoy it as much as we did the first time we were there. The staff are always friendly; the view, whether it is a cold winter’s day or a warm summer night, is exuberating and the fried shrimp or whatever the fish special happens to be is our favorite. To top it off, take a walk up through Fort Sewall for an unbelievable view and a great place to just sit back and watch the boats return to their harbor. Off season you usually have no wait but during the peak summer months take a walk while you wait for your table. Enjoy!

If you think my whole life revolves around food, you are right.  That’s why I’m always thinking about being thinner and not having much luck.  Let’s just hope this late-in-life attempt at slimming down again will work, although I don’t know why it should — none of the other hundreds of attempts have worked!

Anyway, I’m off now.  After this birthday is truly over and done with (as of this afternoon) I will be back on schedule with the low-carb, high fiber way of eating again.  I should have done this months ago because it will be getting hot here soon and summertime clothes are so much more revealing than wintertime ones!




6 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise!

  1. Belated happy Birthday Bex, (strange, thats the second time I’ve typed that today) – hope you enjoyed your chowder, you’ve put the going on me for some now too! That restaurant looks gorgeous, love the view


  2. Well birthday wishes go your way.

    How much liquid have you been drinking? Retaining water is the bane of folks trying to lose. I have found while doing my diabetic monitor stuff for research that smaller portions when we go out is the thing to do. That means carry home half a meal!


  3. I have been to The Barnacle; I remember their fried oysters were wonderful, as well as their overall ambiance and situation right on the water. Next time, the chowder!

    Happy Birthday, and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment.


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