Ambling thru spring to summer…


The spring flowers are on their last blooms, the old fall leaves have been laboriously raked up, bagged up, and taken to the dump by the husband (bless his heart).  Spring is moseying along here in New England, but it’s really feeling a lot more like the dead of summer lately.   

We were in the mid-90s on Friday, and Saturday was a tad cooler but not by much.   

Paul and I were invited to a retirement party for the husband of a coworker of mine, and though we were led to believe it was “only a cookout,” we were surprised at the spread they put on for Ed who is retiring from teaching at a local vocational high school after 30+ years.  They had a huge tent put up in the back garden of their Cape-style home, and the affair was catered.  I hear their daughters (both doctors, by the way) made all the arrangements and organized the whole thing.  Kudos to them both!  It was a fabulous get together, and during the toast to Ed, there were quite a few wet eyes in the audience.  He is a well-loved teacher, father, husband, and friend, and it showed in the faces of all the guests.   

We didn’t really know most of the guests there – I knew one or two but Paul didn’t know anyone really.  But he found a guy who used to fish about 10 personal lobster traps in his day, and the two of them got along great for the afternoon.

The food was superb, although I have to admit I only ate a small piece of grilled steak and a tiny bit of salad, since I’m trying to kick-start this stalled weight loss I’m trying to achieve.  I’m up to 12.5 pounds lost now, which isn’t a lot but it’s something

 I wish I’d remembered to bring my camera with me, but I didn’t.  It was sunny weather for the affair, a tad warm but later on it cooled down.  In fact, I turned off my AC at night and only slept with the fan blowing on me.  I never get much sleep in the heat.  I haven’t had more than 4 hours of sleep in the last 3 days

And I’m swamped, again, with work to type, so better get to it.  I’ll be working right thru Sunday, Monday, and maybe part of Tuesday trying to get this load of work done on time.

 See you around…




3 thoughts on “Ambling thru spring to summer…

  1. Lobstering is over here. The men have hauled their traps, and they are now in their camps celebrating the end of another season on the water. I hope that your men did as well as ours did 🙂 The lobsters are all carred or tubed, and we hope for a good price.

    Novie in Nova Scotia.


  2. I am surprised at the high temps you folks are having. We made it through May which the weatherman reminded us without hitting 90. This coming week he said we will. No matter I’ve had the AC on steady now.

    Your yard is just beautiful!


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