We need your prayers



Today was the first day of my annual ONE week vacation.  I really needed this week off, too.  I am dead tired.  I had planned to do nothing but read a good book, and gives extra loves to my puppers.

But this morning our Whitby was not well, and I rushed her to the vet, only to be hurriedly referred to a Veterinarian Hospital about 45 minutes away. I was having a panic attack at this news.  She is seriously ill, possibly with what they call AIHA (or autoimmune hemolytic anemia).  I had never heard of it before today, and after looking it up online, and reading many testimonials from pet owners who have been thru this, the future does not look bright for us.

She is in the hospital now for a minimum of 3 days,  possibly more. We have already incurred more than $3,300. and that could rise significantly.  Life is not fair.

So, this is just a request, from me to you, to add Whitby – the most beautiful collie dog in all the world (IMO) – to your prayers.

Thanks, friends.

No cheers from here,



16 thoughts on “We need your prayers

  1. I fear the worst, we’ve been to see Whitby and she was awful. I don’t think she even knew we were there…I am toally crushed as is Paul. I can’t even function at all. I don’t think she will make it either. that’s reality. I can’t write any more, I am so unhappy just now.


  2. So sorry to hear your dog is sick. My heart goes out to you. You were so kind when we lost Sarah. Will keep you in our prayers.


  3. Oh, Bex, I’m so sad to hear about Whitby’s illness, and so sorry you have to go through this. I’ll be thinking of you all and hoping for the best.


  4. Thank you ALL for the prayers. We still don’t have a diagnosis yet. The doc just called with her overnight update. Her temp went down from 105.4 to 104. Normal for dogs is 99-104. She vomited overnight – probably due to the antibiotic they gave her by mouth. So they’ve switched it to I.V. with her fluids. My sweet girl is so far away and I miss her so much. This house has a GIANT HOLE in it right now. Again, thanks to you all.

    Bex & Co.


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