Life Goes On…

It’s been almost 2 weeks since Whitby left this world for the next – lucky the next world to get her!  I miss her so darn much it’s indescribable. 

I’m not alone, either.  Men don’t like you to see them cry, and the only time I did see Paul cry was on the day she died.  But I haven’t been able to get thru a day, with the exception of but 2, without sobbing for my lost pupper.  I asked Paul if he has gone any days without breaking down, and he thought a minute, and said – “Just today, I guess – that’s it.”  So he does his crying where no one can see – probably out on the Atlantic Ocean where he is alone with his thoughts. 

I’m back to work now.  A week’s worth of work already under my belt.  And here it is Saturday morning.  I’ve been up since 5:30, and was on my way over to the office by 7:15 – with Emmalee as company – to pick up my new work for Monday.  Seeing as how it’s a hefty load of typing, here I sit, at 10:30 a.m. on a brilliantly beautiful sunny Saturday morning, all geared up to work.  I’ll bet this may be one of the last nice days we get, too.  I hear the heat of summer is due to show its sultry face next week.  I don’t like the heat, but I have my trusty air-conditioner ever-at-the-ready in the event.

I know 2 weeks is only a short time for the grieving process to come and go, and go it doesn’t seem to be doing, but we really do have to get on with life.  Especially when you are a couple near-retirement age (59 and 62), if you want to adopt another dog, time is of the essence. 

And we do.

We hadn’t talked about it at all until last night.  I hated to ask Paul if he wanted another.  At first I thought we’d try just having one “only” dog for a while, but to tell the truth, our dear Emma is very, very lonely for her sister.  This is the first time she’s ever been an “only dog,” too, and I really think it best if we get to work and find her another sister.

I did a tertiary search online yesterday and came up with a place near here that has rescue dogs.  In particular, there was one I especially liked the looks of.  She’s only a puppy (and I swore, when Whitby was young, that I’d never go thru puppy-hood again!) but this little girl is so beautiful.  She’s a rescue dog, found by the side of the road in Virginia with her litter-mate, a brother, and her mother.  Her Mom is a collie-husky mix, and so is she.  Her name is currently “Golly” which would more than likely have to change if she were to come live with us.  Not too keen on “Golly” for a name, really. 

I emailed the place last night but haven’t heard back yet.  It all sounded pretty legit – their dogs all have vaccinations, are neutered, have microchips in place, etc.  This particular little girl is all fluff and cuteness.  Not so much really long fur as a full blooded collie (like Whitby was), but she’s almost all golden color with some white here and there (click on picture below to see her cuteness).  Being a collie-husky mix, she will be a good sized dog, too.  Which we like.  All the more to hug!

So I’ll keep you up-to-date on how things go if/when we hear back from them.  They are very picky about who adopts their dogs, and they aren’t exactly bargain basement prices, but still, it’s worth it to us to have a small lifetime of those wonderful puppy-loves we always get in return. 

The pain of losing a dog is great, indeed.  Any pet, in fact.  But it never has deterred us from jumping in and starting at the beginning all over again.  There are way too many homeless little souls in the world – the least we can do is give a few of them a good loving home while they’re here.

Wish us luck.


She might be named Zoe, if she does come here.  Paul liked that name but when I suggested “Whitby” 8 years ago, he went along with that name as it IS our favourite town in all the world (England).  But I like Zoe, too.  And it’s close enough to “Golly” so she wouldn’t be too confused.

(NOTE:  Since I wrote this entry, I never heard back from the place about this dog, and when I went onto their website again, the picture of “Golly” was gone, so I assume she is adopted already.  But I’ve since found a great place in Vermont who has some male collies for adoption and am communicating with them now – wish us luck!)

Onward and upward,



10 thoughts on “Life Goes On…

  1. Zoe is lovely. I hope it works out. If breeders know you well, they almost always have a pup or dog looking for a good home. I haven’t paid for one in years but the cost of care is not inexpensive,as we all know. Just an idea for the future. Best of luck to all of, both human and animal.


  2. I know life has to go on. I know itll hurt for a time. Dangit though huh? I do pray Zoe/Golly works out! You need some puppyness right now. Some furry soft paws into everything, wet lil kisses with sweet puppy breath… MMMM yes. Thatll go a long way to help. ((((hugs for Emma))))


  3. Hope your able to give that liitle girl a “home”, she will fill a little bit of that hole in your heart.
    She looks so sweet.


  4. The pup is adorable. I hope you get her! Emma must feel almost as lost as you do without the wonderful Whitby around. I wish you luck and peace of heart and mind.


  5. She is a sweetie, and, you’re right, time is of the essence. If I had gotten a dog a few years ago, I could be enjoying him now. At 67 I’m too old to start over. [What did you find on your primary and secondary searches?]


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