Let me introduce you…



World – this is Kip.

Kip – this is my blog world.

Now I want you both to get along and play well together.


He’s not here yet, but tomorrow we will drive up into central New Hampshire, and Kip and his current parents will drive down into central New Hampsire, to meet us with our new boy, Kip.

He’ll be Kippers to me, but Paul thinks that’s silly.  Kip was the one name in thousands we looked at that appealed to both of us.  Funny little name, but good for a herding dog like him.

As you can see, he’s just a little tyke.  Born this past April up in a far northern U.S. town in Vermont, 2 miles from the Canadian border.  Tomorrow we go to pick him up – we are meeting them half way since it’s such a long drive.  Now if we can just find the spot we are to meet them, and get home safe and sound, we will be a 2-dog household once again.

That’s about it from here.  More later when I can give you more details on the life and times of Kip of Crow Cottage!




15 thoughts on “Let me introduce you…

  1. What a cute puppy! I’m so happy you found Kip. I’ll bet Emma is going to have fun with him too. Congratulations ofn the new arrival 🙂


  2. I never heard back from “Zoe’s” people, so when I went back to the web site, her picture was not there, and several others were gone, as well. She must have been adopted, but it would have been nice of them to at least write and tell me!

    Funny how things happen… by this time tomorrow night, we’ll be a family of four once again.


  3. Collies, Shelties, all dogs and cats too, are wonderful! Kip is beautiful and I am so happy for all of you.
    I just wondered what happend with Zoe? Was she already adopted? She was apparently mean’t for someone else.


  4. As a child, we had a sheltie – but my parents didn’t know it wasn’t a real collie – they are two completely different types of dogs, but she was a cutie – her name was Lady Luck and we called her Lady. Paul had a collie while he was in high school/college, named Lassie (real original, huh?) but one semester when he was at college in Maine, his folks came up to pick him up to come home for the holidays, and on the ride back they told him that Lassie had been hit and killed by a car. He was devastated for a very long time after that. When you don’t get to say good, it makes it even worse.


  5. “YIPPY”…what handsome puppy…head held high like he owns the world and will own your heart very soon when he get home .
    Emma will be so happy to have Kip there to play with.
    Whitby would be so pleased to know you are doing this …she is up with Jazz and all the other past fuzzies of the crow cottage enjoying the life there pain free


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