Three Cheers for the Dogs!


That’s my goose-down comforter (duvet) that Kip is sinking his baby-teeth into in the picture above (click photo for larger view).  It’s just one example of the quadrillions of things he sinks his teeth into each day here at Crow Cottage – including human skin! 

I’ll be very glad when puppyhood is behind us – even though he is cute as a button, and believe me, when he’s sleeping or being quiet (which isn’t often enough) he’s a pretty picture of puppydom – so we can get on to the task of having a full fledged collie dog here again. 

I am running on empty.  Each day it seems I can’t make it to the end – bedtime – when I can climb under my duvet and just rest without having to dart my eyes around to every corner of the room to see if he’s getting into some trouble or not. 

Not that he’s that bad – I’m sure he’s average or normal for a pup.  But as I head toward 60, and have aches and pains where I never even knew I had body parts, this business of raising a puppy is way too hard. 

I guess we’ll survive, but if I EVER – repeat EVER! – mention in here again that we are interested in adopting a puppy, please get together and do an intervention for me to bring me back to my senses!  OK?



Cheers for the dogs,



12 thoughts on “Three Cheers for the Dogs!

  1. Afraid I’m way past the puppy and kitten stage. I shall be absolutely lost when Chandler is no longer here. Oh sure I have a mouthy parrot that will probably outlive me, not the same as furry critter to pet.


  2. Puppies — gotta love ’em. Just like grandkids before they reach a civilized age. I still harbor a secret wish to have a border collie before I leave this life — after Charlie (the cat) leaves. But I’ll be way up in my 60s by that time — will I be able to cope with a border collie? Maybe you should get mobilized to do an intervention on me!


  3. Hi there! I hope you don’t mind that I have started reading you. I linked you from Stephanie and MoodyGemini. Wanted to let you know who the stranger was lurking around!

    We have a 7 month old Cocker Spaniel that thinks cardboard should be his main diet (and one pair of my sandals that has Velcro adjustable straps.) Other than that, we’ve been very, very lucky (she says with fingers crossed).


  4. Ah, puppy-hood, I feel it must be like kitten-hood to some degree. Although Max is getting close to two and I feel he’s at the terrible two stage. He runs around the house like he has a fire cracker on his tail. At 13 pounds, he sounds like a herd of elephants! I was so used to Spike being an adult to old cat and his quiet ways. With Max I know that this too shall pass. My only regret is that we didn’t get him earlier to enjoy the small kitten stage. It was like two weeks and then he’s as big as a full grown cat.


  5. Hang in there, Bex, it’ll pass. I was 63 when we got Maddie a couple of years ago, and somehow, we all managed. She is such a sweetie, and it was all worth it.


  6. I don’t want you all getting the idea that I regret adopting Kip. I don’t. We don’t. It’s just a phase and if we can muddle thru it and come out the other end in one piece and intact, all four of us, then we can all breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy our little boy for a long time to come. He’s loved very much indeed.


  7. I am with John..pack the down before you have a snow storm in the bedroom ….I can just picture that in my mind…lordy lordy would it ever fly


  8. I’m confidently with Betty Lou. But I’d take half a day to pack my precious things away against the end of puppyhood, substituting cheap polyester for goose down… and such. Keep on in there, Bex… 🙂


  9. I am with you, don’t ever let me get another puppy. I also look at Maggie when she is asleep and think what a cutie. It is worse than having a two year old in the house.
    But they really are too cute. I hope Kip settles down soon, there is no hope for Maggie, she is hardheaded.


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