It’s all a game


Thanks, Robyn, for this.  There’s always some little game out there to amuse us.

Speaking of games, it’s all about the game when you’re a puppy.

I’m slowly learning…..

I hide the dirty laundry underneath empty laundry baskets, then put a big dog bed over-top the whole laundry basket area, and then hope for the best. 

But it never works.

Every day he finds it, nuzzles his long nose into the pile, and around all the obstacles and barriers that I have carefully set out, and finds the underpants, or the socks, or the gloriously smelly teeshirts, and grabs one for his own munching pleasure.

I’d throw up my hands in surrender, but we NEED our dirty laundry to stay in one piece, or else we’d have to buy all new stuff. And we are not in the category of people who can buy new underwear anytime their dog decides to rip it to shreds.



(Click on picture to enlarge)

This is still hard – raising the puppy.

Even as I sit writing this, he is busily searching out a “no-no” to chew and thrash within an inch of its life.  The toilet paper roll has already succumbed once this morning when I forgot to close the bathroom door when I left it.  This house is chock full of tantilizing treats for little puppies to have their way with, and he’s not giving up just because we say “NO!” in no uncertain terms. 

I think he thinks “NO!” means “Oh, good dog – you found the treasure we hid for you!”


Harried but still unbowed…

Bex and Friends


11 thoughts on “It’s all a game

  1. To Marianne – the top photo on my blog is one I took many years ago, and it’s NOT where I live – now. It’s where I grew up – Marblehead, Mass (the next town over from where we live now). It’s a view taken at Fort Sewall looking across Marblehead Harbor toward Lighthouse Point. My husband is shown in the water bending over his lobster crate to get a lobster out for a customer. At high tide, that whole little cove there is filled high with water, but it was low tide when I took this picture. Not a bad place to have your “office” huh?


  2. You are so right Bex…I have had all male dogs and they all have chewed up underwear and socks..must be the smell they are after or just wanting to show who is boss


  3. Thanks for all your Dog Horror stories. It makes me feel a little better knowing that my dog is not abnormal. You see, I have been extraordinarily blessed for some unknown reason – in the past, ALL my dogs have been little angels. I never had a dog who was such a rascal – but it may have been because they were all females. He’s a boy and he wants to live up to the reputation!


  4. Inky, the lab I had forty years ago, liked old socks too. My brother never put his socks into the laundry, and then he would complain that he had no clean socks. Periodically, I would let Inky into my brother’s room; the dog would retrieve all the socks from under the bed so I could wash them. And my brother would say, “there are dog hairs in my room…”


  5. I have to keep every door closed unless I want a mess. Maggie must stay in the room I am in yet she finds something to chew up. Puppies are sneaky buggers.


  6. It took us a while to remember to keep the bathroom door closed, and dirty clothes are pretty safe in the hamper… Keep telling yourself – they DO outgrow this behavior!


  7. what a day you have with the new kip…we had a puppy once that would eat any dirty stuff laying around.
    He was well feed but would go after clothes any time like he was underfeed.


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