My favourite cup…


(click above link for slideshow of my cup)

This is/WAS my favourite cup.  It’s a silly cup with pictures of border collies on it.  I don’t have border collies, I have regular collie dogs, but I love this cup so much.  I am heartbroken that IT is broken.  I knocked it off the railing out in the front garden yesterday and it went falling to it’s demise onto some paving stones.  Actually, I’m surprised it only broke into a few pieces rather than shatter into hundreds because it must have fallen at least 10 feet onto the stone.  But it’s over – my and cup and I. 

I taped it together just so I could take its picture.  That brown shadow is not a stain in the cup, it’s just a shadow from the flash.

I’m appealing to anyone who lives in the UK or who is travelling in North Yorkshire, maybe Thirsk, to let me know if you ever run across a cup like this one.  I would love to replace it, but I just can’t remember exactly where I bought it.  Somehow I think it was in a Five & Dime type shop on the main market street in Thirsk, right behind the post-office, next to or in the area of the good bookshop.  But I can’t be sure.  So if you do run across a cup like this in your travels… pick one up for me and I will compensate you for your trouble.  I know now that I should have gotten more than just one. 

That’s it for now.  I have so much work to type today so I need to get at it.  We will see Paul’s cousin, J, tomorrow.  She is coming here with his folks for homemade pizzas.  Paul hasn’t seen her probably since he was a teenager!  She is up here (from Florida) taking a class for work and we are looking forward to our get-together. 




14 thoughts on “My favourite cup…

  1. It’s several years later and I just found this site of Dunoon Mugs which is the same maker as my collie mug was. It’s 2012 now folks and I’ve just ordered two new ones – not the same as my beloved collie one but similar ones and very lively and silly also. With sheepies on them, and sheepdoggers too. What a great place this Dunoon Mugs is! Try it and see!


  2. Do you have a photo of the new cup you could post somewhere? My identical cup which is dear to me has gone missing at work and I don’t have a photo to send around with the “has anyone seen this mug” email.



  3. It’s really sad about your cup, Bex. I had a favourite go missing 3 months after I started my present job and I still miss it. I am almost up for long service leave after 10 years. Yes, I should let go but …

    I hope someone finds one for you.


  4. So *Glad* you found the lady who makes them!!

    I know how heartwrenching it is to break one’s favorite cup. I super-glued mine after dropping it on a tile floor. It’s stoneware, cream-coloured and shaped somewhat like a nuclear-reactor cooling tower…lol! (wider at the top and bottom than it is in the middle)


  5. oh wow, such a lovely end to the story! It’s so horrible losing a much loved mug. I have one in my press that the handle broke off – I glued it back together and just hold it by the main body of the mug now. A little awkward, but I just couldn’t part with it, you know the feeling!


  6. Hi Bex that is great news! I’m really happy you’re getting another mug ! It’s a pretty design. Have a great day.

    Sandy in Chicago


  7. Yes, that IS the mug! I went to the website of Jane Brookshaw, sent her an email with my tale of woe, and she is working on getting me one of these mugs – or two. She wrote back right away and wanted a picture of it since she says she’s made several sheepdog designs, and I sent her this blog page with the slideshow! Thanks for helping me out, Sandy.


  8. I know just how you feel. I have a lot of coffee mugs that I am fond of but I had a souvenir mug from the British Museum that had worked its way into becoming my favorite for drinking coffee here at my computer. It got knocked off a kitchen counter and broke when it hit the floor. My consolation was that since Nancy and I are planning to visit London in 2009, I will eventually be able to find a replacement. Perhaps if those of us who read Crow Cottage keep our eyes open as we travel about, one of us might spy that particular design. I Googled “Border Collie coffee mug” and found an incredible number of such items but in a quick look I did not see one just like your. It might, however, be worth your time to browse through some of those sites.


  9. Oh, that is a shame, Bex… it does look like a mug that’d be easy to love. I have no plans to visit Thirsk just now but I will keep an eye open for you. I take it you’ve tried eBay etc?


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