Somewhere over the rainbow…

There must be a day when I can grab some time all to myself and just sit and type out a blog entry here.  This is only a quickie, as usual, as I’m really still in my work-day mode.  I have finished my typing portion of work, but the next portion is to drive over to the office and drop it off and pick up new work.  And I like to get out of the house before 1 or 2 if I can help it because if you’ve never driven in Salem traffic in the fall, then you can’t know how horrid it is if I happen to be running later than that.

And if it’s October, then forget it!  I have to drive out to Swampscott, take the back road over to Peabody, then diagonally over to Danvers, where my office is, in order to avoid that October/Haunted Happenings traffic extravaganza that happens in our city each year. 

And it gets worse each year.

This year the Mayor had the brilliant idea of adding a carnival to the regular Haunted Happenings which go for the entire month of October.  People come from every corner of the globe for this stuff.  But a carnival, that has nothing at all to do with Halloween, is going to just cause more traffic, more headaches, and more overcrowding of an already unbearable situation.

Lucky for us we live way up at the very tip end of Salem, only feet from the borderline of Salem, Swampscott, and Marblehead.  We are about as far out but still within the Salem City limits as you can be.  So it’s not quite so bad for us here, since we can sneak out the back way and weave our way over thru other towns and cities to get where we want to go. 

If we have to go ANYWHERE in the City of Salem (especially downtown Salem) – then just forget it in October.

So, that’s all the time I have.  The rest of the afternoon will be weaving thru traffic, and maybe catching up on some housework.  


Catch you later…



5 thoughts on “Somewhere over the rainbow…

  1. poor Bex, I used to live near a huge stadium – every weekend the matches would totally conjest the route into town, most of the time I didn’t even bother trying to get through it, no matter what.


  2. It’s gridlock here all day long nowadays. Steph, I’d say the best time to visit is in November, after the October madness is over with. But even in “good” times, it’s gridlock – just mild gridlock! Deep winter-time is nice… if you like driving in snow!


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