Thanksgiving Wishes to You All

No excuses.  I’ve been negligent here.  Work has consumed me lately and it’s a struggle getting thru each day with the various and sundry body aches and pains that seem to be multiplying every year.  But I didn’t want this time of the year to go by without wishing all my friends (who celebrate it) a very


Above is a fairly recent picture of my babies, Kip and Emmalee.  Kip has outgrown his older sister now and is the Alpha Dog of the house.  Kip Rules!  And we merely obey!  He’s only 7 1/2 months old, too.  Having a puppy again has been a life-altering experience, some good, some bad, but always something new! 


Maybe someday soon I’ll be back here to do some writing, but for now my work is what pays the bills, and so it’s to work my allegiance is directed. 



Bex & Co.