The dog lady is popping in to say hi….







 (click on picture to enlarge, if you like)


They say a picture is worth 1,000 words.


My baby is big now, see above.  He’s worth 1,000,000,000,000,000 words, and more. I love him to absolute pieces.  He’s a handful, but he’s my honey-pie.  And he’s so fluffy, we almost don’t need central heat in here if he’s sleeping near us!


Kip has energy down to his toenails, and he’s keeping Emmalee pretty busy chasing all around the garden, in and out of bushes, around chairs and trees, just like they do on TV on the obstacle course!  He’s so funny.  I’m so glad he’s bigger now.  This is just the kind of dog I wanted. 


Of course, I miss my Whitby like crazy, even still now… almost 6 months after she left us, but Kip is doing his best to fill the awful void. 


Even though the calendar doesn’t say winter has arrived, it HAS!  It’s darn cold here and I need to get underneath my goose-down duvet to warm up. 

Happy December, Friends.


Bex & the fur-babies


14 thoughts on “The dog lady is popping in to say hi….

  1. I’ve always liked the breed but when I think of the grooming I’m not so sure. 🙂 So here I am with a long haired cat.

    Winter is here this morning. How long it will stay we don’t know. After last cold spell we got to the 80’s.


  2. Oh my Gosh! Kip is absolutely beautiful! So glad to hear that you’re glad you made the decision to get him – that gives me hope in my attempts to fight my dog purchase panic!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  3. No, our dogs do not sleep (at night) on the beds. Emmalee has a little sofa (seats two) that she hosied for her bed when she first came here, and she fits nicely on that for the night. Kip sleeps either on the floor (carpeted) or in a large crate we have in the room – with the door open but he feels more like it’s a little bedroom in there, although he hardly fits on the crate floor anymore, he’s gotten so big.


  4. Kip is soooooooooooooooooooo handsome! Do he and Emmalee sleep on the bed? Our dogs do, and, even though they’re a lot smaller than yours, it’s a tight squeeze. Still, I can’t imagine sleeping without them!


  5. I don’t believe it! After all this time, you and Michael post on the same day. I think you really were separated at birth, only I know better – I was there when Michael was born. Kip has grown so much! He is really beautiful. Happy December.


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