Closing out another year


Well, here we are, December the 29th.  Ready to say goodbye and fare-thee-well to 2007.

This was a year where things changed slightly for me.  Little things, but things all the same.  Work had many changes to it – learning new systems involving computers and updating our operation into the 21st century of medical practices.  For a semi-geezer like myself (I’ll be 60 early next year), learning and implementing new techniques is a struggle.  I was never the quickest gun in the holster anyway, and I have to really concentratre when learning new things.  But I did it, and we are moving along nicely now.  Resisting new ways is only human, I guess, but somehow, when the change is over-with, and the new ways are old hat, you wonder why you ever objected in the first place.

 * * * *

We lost our beloved Whitby-dog back in June, and that was complete devastation to us.  She was only 8 years young, and it was way too early to say goodbye.  Losing a dog, for us anyway, always means adopting another, and thence, Kip of Crow Cottage came along.  Kip (see pictures above and below/click for larger versions) has been a handful, to put it mildly.  He has been challenging, frustrating, worrisome at times, but all the while a real sweetie boy.  He’s no girlie dog (as we have been used to for all these years), but a real boy-dogger!  In every sense.  He reminds me of Huck Finn for some reason.  He has taken charge of life here, and it will never be the same again.  Emmalee, his older adopted sister, has taken the back seat, as well.  It’s just easier that way, with Kip.  He wants to rule the roost, and rule this roost he does.

* * * *

This month we had snow up the yazoo.  In fact, they say that if we have one more measly inch of snow here, we will beat the all-time record for most snow in the month of December, which was last set in 1970.  But we’ve had lots of rain and drizzle this past week, and most of the snow we had gotten previously has melted away.  And I don’t see that in the next 2-1/2 days we are going to have another inch, so I guess there will be no setting any records on snow.

* * * *

Our baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, won the World Series this year, which was really a kick for us – a couple of true-blue baseball fans.  Neither of us are football fans, but if we were, we’d be having a grand old time right about now as our home team, the New England Patriots, have gone undefeated all season, and tonight they will play their last game of the regular season – if they win, they will have a perfect record for this year.  (I personally can’t stand the American game of football myself, and Paul can take it or leave it).

 * * * *

On the health front, Paul is living life quite normally without a thyroid in his body anymore.  He take thyroid replacement medication and it must be working, because he doesn’t notice any difference really.  He will be going back for another big check-up in a couple of months which will entail his going on a special low-iodine diet again (which I really dislike dealing with) and then more radioactive iodine scanning – but his last one came out all negative so we’re hoping the next one will, as well. 

* * * *

Well, I’d better stop rambling here and get my act in gear.  I’ve been finishing up some dangling work that was leftover from yesterday, and now I need to get it transported over to the office and pick up new work for Monday.  Hey!  We have another holiday coming up – I’d almost forgotten.  That is the ONE thing about these end-of-the-year holidays I do like – two days off!  And the New Year’s day off has no work attached to it whatsoever. 

So it’s goodbye to 2007, and welcome 2008 very soon.  I hope you all have a pleasant and safe New Year’s.  We’ll both be making the zzzzzzzzzzz’s long before midnight arrives, so I’ll take this opportunity to say



 to you, one and all, dear friends, and thanks for stopping in. 


 Bex & Paul

Emmalee & Kip




9 thoughts on “Closing out another year

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR to some special folks in my life and their fuzzies too.
    Thanks for the good post of the things that have happened in your life this past year.
    I too have missed Whitby…


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