Every journey begins with the first step.


I guess, like a lot of other folks around the world, January the First seems like a good day to “begin again.”  To make a clean slate, a place to write a new course of action – where all the old mistakes can be forgotten or forgiven, and the future looms large. 

As you may have guessed, I have opted to work during this first day of the New Year, but not for the whole day.  And I still have tomorrow to finish up what I don’t get done today, so there’s little pressure.  Which is the best part of a day “off.”  I don’t mind working on my day off, I just don’t like having to finish it all, that’s all.

After I languished in my bed, under my comfy-cosy goosedown duvet (which was probably one of the best purchases I have EVER made), I dragged my still-achy body out of bed, and downstairs for a lazy cup of coffee before deciding what to do with my day off.  I watched a little telly, got caught up on what the rest of the world was doing for New Year’s Eve, and then started in on a little project I’ve been putting off for, oh, two years or more!  Hemming (top and bottom) of my sheer curtains in my dining room.  The ones that hang behind the heavy drapes that I made a few years ago.  Those shears always seemed so hard to sew on with a machine that I’ve been afraid to do that project, so they’ve been pinned up on the pole all this time.  And Kip has frayed the edges down at the bottoms so that I had quite a bit of rehab work to do on them. 


(you can see the sheers behind the dark red curtains in the pic above – click to enlarge)

After that job was over, and I made myself a cuppa clam chowder for lunch, it was off to my office to get some work under my belt for tomorrow.  I didn’t get as much of it done as I’d hoped, due to a few interruptions (pleasant though they were), and now it’s 3:30 almost and I’m ready to quit working and go enjoy the last few hours of my day off.

Tonight I think we’ll have some leftover chicken with veggies for supper, and then settle in to another episode of “McCallum” – a British series that I gave Paul for Christmas.  There are 5 DVDs in the set, and we are on #3, with each DVD containing 2 episodes.  It stars John Hannah, and we’re really liking this series.  There are so many really good British series out there, and the acting is so far superior to what we have here on this side of the pond.  Anyway, that’s how our New Year’s Day is being spent – mine at least.  The dogs have been in and out several times, and we’re getting rain at the moment.  Fine with me.  Better rain than snow at this point. 

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year ahead, and a safe and healthy one.





6 thoughts on “Every journey begins with the first step.

  1. Happy New Year to all under the crowcottage roof and also the others that come here to read.
    I hope your 2008 is good for you and that one year soon you can go back to England


  2. Even though I don’t work, I have given myself the past week and a half off from painting. I don’t know if I will start up again tomorrow or not. It feels like work anyway.
    I am glad you took a little time off to enjoy the day though.
    It is snowing here today. I am glad I am home.
    Happy times ahead for you I hope.


  3. Cheers to you, Bex! From a fellow New Year’s Day worker, though half-heartedly so. It’s nice to get things done a day ahead, though.

    I just recently watched John Hannah in a neat little sandals-and-toga movie called The Last Legion. I’m going right now to add the McCallum series to my Netflix queue, along with Michael Kitchen in Foyle’s War, and the Ruth Rendell mystery series. I’m even thinking of going back and watching Upstairs Downstairs from the beginning.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday, and don’t work too hard (just hard enough).


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