Can I wear a purple jumpsuit after I’m 60?


That’s me up there, in my purple body suit, and red nightcap.  Yep.  Today is the day I turn the big Six-Oh. 

I don’t feel any older though.  But then I never do on my birthdays.  Does anybody?

The other day, after suffering lately from what has been excruciating sciatic pain going down my left leg for about two or three weeks now, I said to Paul that one day I am going to wake up and this sciatica will just be GONE! 

He said, “Yeah, right!” 

I don’t want to jinx myself here and now, but after going through one of the worst nights I have EVER gone thru the night before last with the sciatic pain, and thinking that my life as I knew it up until now was surely and definitely over, and after taking great care yesterday, my last day of being 59, to not strain my lower back at all, and making Paul do all the running up and down stairs all day long, somehow, just as I was turning 60 years old, I woke up today with almost NO sciatic pain.  I say “almost” because in truth, I can actually feel a leeeeetle bit of it still hiding there in the back of my left leg and lower lumbar spine, but really, it’s so much better than it has been, that I am just going to say it’s gone and try to believe myself!

Today I plan to celebrate –  not turning 60 years old – but saying goodbye (hopefully) to the sciatic pain that has been the bane of my existence lately.

Goodbye Pain!  Good Riddance!

There.  I hope it won’t come back here again (but in reality, it probably will).

As for any other type of celebrating, not much is in the works.  Paul is on another of his yearly low-iodine diets because he will be undergoing his annual thryoid uptake scan soon (after undergoing a complete thyroidectomy 2 years ago) and he can’t eat anything with iodine in it.  So that means I can’t either because I eat what he eats for the most part here.  You’d be surprised at how many things contain iodine! 

After his testing is over and he has another clean bill of health from his endocrinologist, we are planning to go out and celebrate me turning 60 with his parents by chowing down with some serious fried whole-belly Ipswich clams (at least they will be on MY plate) at one of our favourite seafood joints near here.  I’ve been waiting a whole year for those clams so another couple of weeks won’t matter too much.  I’ve lost about 6 pounds, too, lately  on a semi-diet, and I figure I’ll gain all of that plus some after the clam dinner.  But there isn’t anything I love more in the world than fried clams!





My New Chair



The other day I made an entry here, but it’s been so long since I’ve written anything, Word Press went and changed everything on me, and now I don’t know how to run things in my blog!  I thought by clicking on “publish” it would, well, publish my page.  But instead, it totally disappeared into nether-space. 

Anyway, to recap… i bought a new chair (pictured above).  Come to find out, I hate it.  If anyone would like it, and wants to drive here (east coast of Mass.,USA) and pick it up, it’s yours.  I didn’t realize that these ergonomic chairs are only good if you have an already perfect body. 

Which I have not.  Balancing my body on my knees (remember, I have “end-stage osteoarthritis” in them) is not a good thing. 

Anyway, it’s sitting over by the bed now, and P. sits on it when he comes in to talk to me in my office area, but for the most part, it is just collecting dog furs.  Of course it came in black.  And we have gazillions of white dog furs flying around at any given moment here.

Well, I am going to click on “Save” this time, and not “Publish.”  I don’t know where that will get me but here goes.  Maybe I should do a “copy” of this entry first in case I lose it again.  Being almost 60, I really don’t like change a whole heckuva lot.  I liked Word Press the way they had it before.  I don’t have lots of free time to fiddle around in here and now I don’t know how to do anything!  Nuts. 



Happy Birthday to my boy!

Happy Birthday, to you!

Happy Birthday, to you!

Happy Birthday, dear Kippie,

Happy Birthday, to you!

Today my boy turns ONE.  I’ve told him that starting today, he is not a puppy any longer.  He’s a big boy now, all grown up.

But of course, in my heart he’ll always be my little boy puppy.