My New Chair



The other day I made an entry here, but it’s been so long since I’ve written anything, Word Press went and changed everything on me, and now I don’t know how to run things in my blog!  I thought by clicking on “publish” it would, well, publish my page.  But instead, it totally disappeared into nether-space. 

Anyway, to recap… i bought a new chair (pictured above).  Come to find out, I hate it.  If anyone would like it, and wants to drive here (east coast of Mass.,USA) and pick it up, it’s yours.  I didn’t realize that these ergonomic chairs are only good if you have an already perfect body. 

Which I have not.  Balancing my body on my knees (remember, I have “end-stage osteoarthritis” in them) is not a good thing. 

Anyway, it’s sitting over by the bed now, and P. sits on it when he comes in to talk to me in my office area, but for the most part, it is just collecting dog furs.  Of course it came in black.  And we have gazillions of white dog furs flying around at any given moment here.

Well, I am going to click on “Save” this time, and not “Publish.”  I don’t know where that will get me but here goes.  Maybe I should do a “copy” of this entry first in case I lose it again.  Being almost 60, I really don’t like change a whole heckuva lot.  I liked Word Press the way they had it before.  I don’t have lots of free time to fiddle around in here and now I don’t know how to do anything!  Nuts. 




12 thoughts on “My New Chair

  1. I just broke down and finally bought a Herman Miller Aeron and now I wish I’d done it sooner. I work from home and it makes a huge difference when the chair you sit in for 8+ hours a day is ergonomic. Aeron’s are known for being super expensive but you can actually get used one’s in great condition for a decent price. I used to find mine and it worked out great!


  2. Heh that thing looks like a Star Trek Klingon torture chair. And yeah why does everything come in black? I once asked an employee if he had anything in cat white. He laughed, said he had pets too. And my WP font is now too small to see when Im trying to write. They fudged with a good thing and made it worse, like always happens


  3. Good idea, Mike. The whole reason I got this chair was because a friend told me once that her husband had gotten one and after using it a little while, he fell so in love with it that he never wanted to sit anywhere else. She said he just loved it to pieces. I always remembered that, but now I realize I should have gone to the office furniture store and tried one out before committing to buying it! Live and learn!


  4. I’ve always wanted to try one of those chairs, but now I know better. I tore ligaments in my knee in junior high (yeah, almost 50 years ago), and I can still feel a twinge every so often. (I think it might rain tomorrow, in fact.) So I’ll stick with the chair I have, I guess.


  5. Actually, John, I did try that – going to “draft” and clicking on it. But it was good and truly gone. Nevermind…

    I’ll try to do better in future. At the end of May I have a week off… maybe that will provide me with some extra “creative” time.


  6. I tried one of those chairs years back at my boss’s insistence, and rejected it straight away. He bought it for himself, and stopped using it after a couple of days. I’m sorry your experience was so similar. It may be that they work for some people… 🙂

    I’ve had no problems with the changed wordpress. Over the weekend there were a few overload problems that resulted in posts being stuck in ‘draft’ mode rather than going straight on to publish. If you go look at dashboard/manage/posts you may find them sitting there. If so, click on the title and then on ‘publish’. It worked a couple of times for me.

    I think the guys at wordpress are working on the whole ‘publish’ thing, resulting in some minor non-fatal glitches… ;-(


  7. People are always trying to improve things; sometimes it even works! Like building a chair that, supposedly, takes the strain off your back? Not this back!

    But I kept working with all sorts of change through 60 and through 65, and I hope I can keep it up through 70. Age doesn’t really matter unless you’re a cheese.


  8. I’ve never tried one of those ergonomic chairs, but I will tell you that my plain old desk chair, padded, with arm rests and an adjustable rocker mechanism, is comfy enough for me to fall asleep in. I do wish the back was a little higher so that I didn’t have to skootch way down to prop my feet up on the desk and snooze, but I do it all the time.

    Of course, no real work on the computer while I am in a prone position. LOL I waste so much time here, it’s pitiful. I enjoy every minute of it.

    And Xanga has changed a lot of things too, always trying to “improve” things. I think they are trying to attract a younger crowd. I just ignore all the extras and go along like my plain ol’ self.

    Do post once in a while so we don’t have to come up to Mass. to see if you are ok.



  9. Hi Carol! So good to see you. The chair is not good if you have bad knees! I didn’t take that into consideration like a dummy. Also, my job is medical transcription, which means that I use a foot pedal with my right foot! Duh! What was I thinking? So basically I would have to balance my whole body on my left knee while the right leg is stretched way out under my desk to work the foot pedal. It just did not work. The worst part was that I had to ask Paul to assemble this thing – it came in pieces! And that was not really easy-peasy for us. I feel bad and stupid. But I am not the type of person who sends things back. I’d have to disassemble it first and there’s no way….


  10. I was shocked also when I found wordpress had changed things around.
    I really like your chair and wish I could come get it. I think it would end up being cheaper to go out and buy one that buying gas to drive there to pick up yours .
    Glad you are still around.


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