Living With Dogs


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After a long day of work, I leave the house of dogs to drive the 8 miles to the “office” to drop off/pick up work, then come home and begin the merry-go-round all over again.  Except today was different.  Today is the next to the last day of work before I have a whole week off.  And I am so psyched! 

That is, I WAS psyched…until I came thru the back door into the kitchen and saw a tiny bit of fluffy something on the floor… and thought “hmmmm…wonder where that came from?”

Then I went into the living room, and above is what I found.

Neither of the dogs are saying who did it.  But I have a sneaking suspicion I already know.  





Twenty Two Years Ago Today…


Above was what was happening to us 22 years ago today.

We each said “I will” at the appropriate times, and since then, we have.  We’ve grown “old” together these last two-plus decades, at least I’ve grown old – Paul seems to stay the same always! It’s been heaven being married to the “boy” of my dreams.


Happy Anniversary, Honey!