Twenty Two Years Ago Today…


Above was what was happening to us 22 years ago today.

We each said “I will” at the appropriate times, and since then, we have.  We’ve grown “old” together these last two-plus decades, at least I’ve grown old – Paul seems to stay the same always! It’s been heaven being married to the “boy” of my dreams.


Happy Anniversary, Honey!




11 thoughts on “Twenty Two Years Ago Today…

  1. Hi, I just found you from words-of-mine. Happy anniversary. I’m late but I didn’t know you on May 22nd, haha. I read where you were talking about up here in New England. Where are you? I was born and brought up in Maine but live in RI now, so I was curious.


  2. Wishing you both a very happy anniversary. Really liked the way you wrote about your hubby. Not enough couples truly appreciate each other.


  3. May you both live to see your golden 50th year.
    You both are great friends to have in my life.
    Glad your dreams came true for you .
    Have a good day and enjoy your clam dinner.


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