Living With Dogs


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After a long day of work, I leave the house of dogs to drive the 8 miles to the “office” to drop off/pick up work, then come home and begin the merry-go-round all over again.  Except today was different.  Today is the next to the last day of work before I have a whole week off.  And I am so psyched! 

That is, I WAS psyched…until I came thru the back door into the kitchen and saw a tiny bit of fluffy something on the floor… and thought “hmmmm…wonder where that came from?”

Then I went into the living room, and above is what I found.

Neither of the dogs are saying who did it.  But I have a sneaking suspicion I already know.  





9 thoughts on “Living With Dogs

  1. I’m sorry…just had to laugh about that! There but for the Grace of God…. And actually, we’ve had a bit of that, too. Bought two lovely pillows for our new den couch. Unfortunately they had tassles. I say “had” because most of the tassles are now in little tattered strings scattered everywhere and that we have to throw away every day. Hope you have a good week off, Bex!


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