Not again?


I have never been to New Orleans, Louisiana.  But what happened to them when Katrina hit the coast there was so devastating and so unbelievable, that people are still reeling from it years later.  And now this thing (in the photo above) is heading across the Gulf of Mexico, aiming straight at that same Gulf coastline that was decimated by Katrina. 


I don’t know about you, but I’m going to start praying that something, or someone, steps in and causes this thing they call “Gustav” to fizzle out before it hits the land.  And the people. And the animals and pets. And all God’s creatures who might be in its path.






6 thoughts on “Not again?

  1. My friend Sue live in N.O. and she hasn’t posted today in JournalScape. Since she’s a regular writer, I’m assuming she’s had to evacuate, though she was stocking up on clean water and pet food and planning to stay put, last I heard. I’m worried about her and will keep checking into JS, hoping to hear from her or her daughters.

    Those folks just can’t get a break and the current regime hasn’t really helped much those who needed it the most. So what else is new?

    Will we have more of the same for 4 more years?


  2. Dear Lord, I sure hope the ‘shrub team’ learned
    *something* from the deaths of over a thousand people. From what I’ve seen on the “intertube,” the city and state officials are doing all right in preparing for it.

    My prayers are with the Gulf Coast folks.


  3. This is a big and dangerous storm, and not everyone is even capable of getting out of its way. Let’s hope it veers away from the Gulf Coast. And let’s hope that if it does hit, the government responds better than it did after Katrina.


  4. I can’t believe there is another storm. I say prayers that everyone be safe. As much as I sometimes would like to move south, the thought of facing hurricanes makes me think again.

    mz. em


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