God bless her (106 year-old) heart….

Once in a blue moon I read a story that is hopeful. This was it for me today.


I’ve begun tuning out to the political nonsense on TV. I don’t hear it so much on radio probably because I refuse to listen to right-wing talking nutskies anymore. And there aren’t many left-wing talking nutskies on radio left. In fact, there are very few middle-of-the-road talking nutskies either anymore, but if there were, I’d probably take a listen. I’m sick to death of extremists. On both sides.

It seems like this next Presidential election will NEVER come. I just want it over and done with. Of course, I only want it over and done with if MY guy wins. And you all know by now what that might be.

Anyway, I’m strolling thru my Sunday, doing Sunday things like laundry, putting things away, straightening up from the week that just ended, and getting down to doing some work-for-pay. Because gawd-knows, after losing countless dollars in my retirement accounts, I need all the pay I can muster up. Retirement may not come for quite some time. If ever!

Cheers, I think,



Oh, now this is not fair….

Not only was I born (relatively) poor, lived (relatively)poor all my life, and now at 60 am still (again, relatively) poor and losing money in my retirement accounts hand-over-fist every day with the economic downturn lately.. not only that, but one of my direct relatives was Rev. John Lothrop who came to America from England in the 1600’s (my maiden name was Lothrop), but now I learn that “Sarah-Barracuda” is related to me thru John Lothrop, as well? I am also related to FDR (he is my 13th cousin) as well as to President James A. Garfield who was my 4th cousin… Those don’t bother me. I know you can’t pick your relatives, but this is just too much of a low blow for me to bear….



I’m throwing in the towel after this one….

… or was it “that one” ?

I can’t wait for the election to come and be gone, with Obama firmly ensconced as the next President – not only because I really like and respect the guy, but I don’t think I can stand one more day, let alone four more weeks, of Ms. Palin the barbarian and her ilk in my face and claiming to be a long lost relative of mine.

I need saving!




P.S. I did actually have 5 days off from work last week. Paying work, that is. I rested my fingers and I took out and organized all my DVD’s and VCR movies so now I can find one if I have a mind to… that was my biggest accomplishment.