God bless her (106 year-old) heart….

Once in a blue moon I read a story that is hopeful. This was it for me today.


I’ve begun tuning out to the political nonsense on TV. I don’t hear it so much on radio probably because I refuse to listen to right-wing talking nutskies anymore. And there aren’t many left-wing talking nutskies on radio left. In fact, there are very few middle-of-the-road talking nutskies either anymore, but if there were, I’d probably take a listen. I’m sick to death of extremists. On both sides.

It seems like this next Presidential election will NEVER come. I just want it over and done with. Of course, I only want it over and done with if MY guy wins. And you all know by now what that might be.

Anyway, I’m strolling thru my Sunday, doing Sunday things like laundry, putting things away, straightening up from the week that just ended, and getting down to doing some work-for-pay. Because gawd-knows, after losing countless dollars in my retirement accounts, I need all the pay I can muster up. Retirement may not come for quite some time. If ever!

Cheers, I think,



9 thoughts on “God bless her (106 year-old) heart….

  1. I cast my vote and now I am praying that some nutcase doesn’t decide to end this man’s life and destroy our hopes for the future. He seems like such a level headed person, and a good family man. I honestly think he is what we need right now.

    I want to try Dee’s juice can bread too. To quote her. “Nom, nom, nom.”



  2. Oh yes! I cannot wait to put my mark next to Obama’s name! I was in Arizona last week, and it was interesting to wear an Obama button there. Several teenage boys informed me that Obama loves to kill live babies. Eeeek!


  3. I’ll be glad when it’s over, too. Even Korean TV is full of it. Armed Forces TV is almost as creepy as Fox. My absentee ballot is headed for Vassalboro, Maine, and it’s mostly got “blue” all over it.


  4. This is a Obama/Biden household too. I’m so sick of all the advertising on TV. I’m ready for the election to be over as well. I’m also not happy about the smaller parties that get no prime time. I hate our politics because it seems the positions are up for those who can buy it.


  5. The 24-hour news channels have ruined the elections. With so much time to fill, every word, every breath is parsed and analyzed to death, and nobody comes out looking very good. Tuning it out is actually the sane thing to do.


  6. Our Prime Minister is doing so well now that if he manages to steer us through the financial malaise he could name himself dictator and all us Brits would say would be: “Thank goodness. No more b****y elections!”

    Think of it. No more elections!


  7. Gee, now I wonder which guy you’re rooting for. Let me think….

    I agree with you. I wish this whole election thing were over and done with. I keep being afraid I’ll wake up some morning to a GOP-sponsored October surprise and all down hill from there. As if we could go down much more without blowing ourselves up entirely.

    I try not to let the nerves get the better of me,and remain hopeful. Yes we can!


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