In a winter wonderland…

Sleigh bells ring, are you lis’nin?

In the lane, snow is glis’nin.

A beautiful sight,

We’re happy tonight,

Walkin’ in a winter wonderland.

Whenever I find myself feeling down and blue because of severe winter weather, which we here in New England get a lot of each year, I force myself to sing that song above, out loud, just to cheer myself up.  It usually works. 

You see, as of early this morning, we had bare ground again.  We had over a foot of snow (more in fact, but who’s counting?) and shoveling it was quite long and arduous (we are a manual labor type of household, no snow blowing machines allowed in here!).  Then we got some unseasonably warm winter weather over the last week or so, and miraculously, all that nasty snow had melted away, and the dogs were out romping around on grass again.  It was oh so lov-er-ly. 

Until around 8:30 this morning when the flakes started falling and as of about 11 o’clock this morning, which is when I took the picture below, we are now back into white winter mode. 


Last Day of the Year Snow 12/31/08

I’ve got to sing that song a little louder….. I just finished my work and was going over to the office with it, but I’m kinda thinking I might just wait til tomorrow when the roads will all be plowed and bare and traffic will be a very minimum, on the first day of our New Year.




8 thoughts on “In a winter wonderland…

  1. oh my…you do have a white new years eve…we have wind and ice right now .
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all under the roof of crowcottage.


  2. Just back from holiday visiting with all that white stuff. Truly is beautiful as your photograph depicts. However,………….70 odd degrees and no trace of snow feels good. Wish I could send some warmth your way. Happy New Year to you and yours.


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