Did someone say “Let it snow…let it…..”


The front garden

For any of you who live in warmer climes, and are just yearning for a little taste of real Winter Weather, see the photo above and enjoy what has just been dumped on us over the weekend.  If YOU can enjoy it, from afar, then it may be worth it.  From our perspective, it means a lot of shoveling, heavily snow-laden power lines and tree boughs, and just a lot of the white stuff to deal with.

So much white stuff, in fact, that there’s almost no color outside at all except for the sky peeking thru above.  And that’s not really very colourful either.

Working at home has it’s benefits on days like this.  I do have to drive to the office, but not til noontime or later, when, by then I’m sure, the Dept. of Public Works will have our streets free and clear and free for the abundance of daily traffic in Salem.

I’ve just put in for my two weeks’ vacation time, and so springtime is looking awfully good to me right about now.  Can we just skip February and March, though?  Does anyone have the power to do that?