Says it all…

This is a poem written by Sir William Beach Thomas and was contained in a little book I’ve been reading called “A Countryman’s Creed,” published in London in 1946. He has put into words how I feel about my beloved dogs, Kip and Emmalee.

“My Spaniel”

“He lies contented at my feet,
His half-raised head my fingers meet;
And dog and man both know the sweet
Of life, in comradeship complete.

Together hour on hour we spend;
And till the fast approaching end
I shall not be ashamed to bend
The knee, in thanks for such a friend.

Gazing at me as half-devine
The brown eyes send a surer sign
Than any cunning words of mine
That strive sharp meanings to define.

It lies not in his competence
To trace the wherefore and the whence;
He rests on some profounder sense
Than my too proud intelligence;

And is content to know not why;
but knows all’s well, while he and I
Seek out each other’s company —
And lays his nose against my thigh.”




6 thoughts on “Says it all…

  1. A lovely poem…
    I no longer have any dogs, but I remember their antics well, and the bond between man and dog.
    I love your new header, try to take some time off just for you… just seems to make the days we are in the trenches, that bit worth while.


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