I can’t help but wonder where I’ve been…






I ask myself this question quite often lately.  Where HAVE all the flowers gone? 

The “flowers” being the joys of life.  The smiles.  The laughs. The contentment.

I don’t know where they’ve gone, but I know they have gone somewhere.

A cyber-acquaintance recently wrote that she thought she was boring to other people.  Always talking about her small dimensional world – children, maladies, being a mother 24/7 with little outside contact.  But don’t we all do that?  If we all thought we were boring to others just because we talk about what we do and think and feel, then no one would ever write anything.

As my lifetime winds down (and I KNOW there are many who are older than I), my whole outlook on life has completely changed.  No longer do I look at things with an eye to the future – what will this event bring me, and where will I be in a year or two?  I feel now that I am stuck here.  In this rut I’m in. 

I get up, get my cuppa, come back upstairs and sit down to work at my computer, until around noon or 1, then pack up my work, drive to the office, drop it off, pick up more, come home around 2, eat a late lunch because by then I’m starved, tidy up a bit before P. gets home, then sit down finally, with an hour all to myself, and catch up on the news of the day, then at 5 start diddling in the kitchen with ingredients I have available for dinner, wait for P. to walk in the door (because one rule I have is that I do NOT start dinner before he walks in the door at night.  Too hard to have everything ready at the same time.  Then I prepare our dinner, and afterwards we put a (usually) British show in our (PAL/Region 2) DVD player and watch for a couple of hours, switch to the ballgame to see how the Red Sox are doing, or losing, then when we see they are losing, we close up shop and go to bed. 

Every day.

Same old same old.

Oh, in between, gets lots of loves and hugs from two very important dogs.

Who are barking out front and I need to go.  Sorry.




2 thoughts on “I can’t help but wonder where I’ve been…

  1. Oh Lord, Bex! You are singing my song…same old, same old. People think that I have an exotic life because I live in a foreign country. Nah, I have my little rut, well trodden, and my weekly schedule could be xeroxed for months on end. It’s so hard to come up with a topic to write about when it’s always the same.
    The big news this week is that the Rose of Sharon bush at the end of my street has bloomed, for the first time, since it was just planted last year. LOL!
    Hugs from the far side of the world,
    ~ Sil


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