I just don’t know anymore

I find myself remembering happy times we spent in England, in Yorkshire,  at Peasholm Park in Scarborough, with our friend Sheila who lives in the Dales.  I’m starting to think I will never see Yorkshire again.  Without going into too mjuch detail, things are changing for me here.  I cannot drive my car due to pain and today I had to ask P. if he would take my work to and from the office for me because I just cannot go thru the pain any more. 

Enough of that.  I just wish to say that I love England with all my heart and soul.  If any of you readers are lucky enough to live there, or have lived there at some time, then maybe you already know that it is the most beautiful corner of this earth.  I yearn to see her again, but probably won’t.  That makes me extremely sad.